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Wasco Wonders


Single room school from another era. I’m not sure of its name, although I’ve encountered it over a dozen times. I thought it was Webfoot, however that’s located over in Klondike. This is a beautiful part of Wasco County, especially during overcast days, where blocks of gray outnumber the otherwise continual canvas of blue.

Quaint Quarters


Remnants along Emerson Loop Rd. Probably the most famous homestead in Wasco County. It’s seen its fair share of waving wheat, faded combines, ranch hands, diehard photographers, glistening joggers, spandex cyclists, and clumsy cattle to name a few. Its stark contrast is like a beacon for the curious at heart.

Rice Elevator


Dad and I have been trying to locate this place over the past year and a half. Finally, this being on my birthday, Melissa and I stumbled upon the metropolis of Rice. Located on the uplands of Wasco County. Horace Rice planted the first crop of wheat here back in the 1860’s. Over the years, he increased his property to over a 1000 acres. Pretty much dry acreage. And in 1905, when the Great Southern Railroad was built along Fifteenmile Creek, Rice was given its name. In 1980, there wasn’t much left. Fast forward to 2014, very little evidence other than this weathered grain elevator.