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365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #336-337

Here is number 336… 

Fall Grace.


Here is number 337…

Proxy Roxy. This is where I dropped my camera. No damage though, other than a few scruffs.

Triple Shot.

Dad. Haywire.

This is the classic dad shot. Classic.

Setting up. Sliding off. Tumble dry, low.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #325

Here is number 325… 

Fairytale Pool. I watched a fairy dance across the broken branch, then it pranced along the banks, heading upstream. 

I have a question… Is the tooth fairy male or female?


Skippers do skim, and trout still swim. 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #323

Here is number 323… 

Melissa leaving her place. She’s got better things to do, like photos, than mowing the lawn.

Boyd, Oregon.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #321-322

Here is number 321… 

Murder Mystery Train Ride…Who dunnit? “Fugget about it!” 

Here is number 322… 

A meandering creek passes through, while Boyd Mill overlooks, keeping a close eye.


365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #311

Here is number 311…

 Hidden Trio.

Appliance Store. 

Noon Skies.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #308

Here is number 308… 

This is the new background photo on my laptop. It’s so Danzig-ish. I really liked how it turned out. This is my fifth or sixth home away from home. Whitney, Oregon. 

I decided on the title. The Hunter. 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #304-305

Here is number 304…

September is a busy month for last minute farming here in the Willamette Valley.


Here is number 305…

Lumber passes through Donald, Oregon. Destination unknown. 

Pigeons viewpoint. Downtown Salem.

Owls viewpoint. Downtown Salem.