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365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Thirty Three and Thirty Four…

Been out of town again, my excuse for the late post. First of all, a big thanks to Dufur’s Kramer’s Market for their friendly wifi. If you’re even in town, swing by their market. Great sandwiches and ice cream. 

Here is Day Number Thirty Three… 

Adjusted33No Rules Miller. Breaking the law like it’s nothing. Drive through fields, through gates, no rules apply. Tom Miller doing it his way. 


Here is Day Number Thirty Four…

Adjusted34For Allison. Skull and Bones at the Dance Hall. That’s exactly what dad is holding. A clump of skull and bones. We saved them in a baggy just for you.

On His Way Back

It’s pretty basic with my dad, he still uses sand and coffee grinds on his 800mm telephoto lens. And he actually takes apart his camera, cleaning his sensor with toothpaste and WD40. And all the interesting characters you’ll find on his website. Check it out. The guy is going insane. He’s currently on his way home, somewhere between a barn on the outskirts of Friend and The Dalles, with Mt Hood smoldering in the background. I’m not making this up. 


Walt’s friends often say in Prineville, “Tom’s back.”


His site: Oregon Foto’s