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365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #227

Here is number 227…

Mom. Doing a few portraits for her new website. You’ve gotta check it out:

 Coaching 101. I told her not to do this. What she’s like outside of the office. 

 She’s gonna kill me when she sees this. I did it for Zane! He made me!

This Day Forward and the Coaches Office

This is my moms new office. This Day Forward Coaching…

Holly’s viewpoint, from the couch.

It’s located in a salon, but the coaching won’t be for the latest hairstyle.


All smiles.

Zane, hard at work.

Working together.

This was Zane’s mirror. 

Missed a spot.

Bragging rights.

Before a coaching session…

After a coaching session…

And what takes place in between coaching sessions…

“Thumbs up!” Runs in the family.

Bugging Zane with the camera.

Now it’s my turn…

It’s almost finished!

The couple. Act like you love each other!

 If you’d like more info on life coaching, or exactly what it is, you can visit my moms coaching website, by clicking here. If it does not pop up, that just means they’re touching it up a bit. You can also visit her at FaceBook, and her Facebook coaching page, by clicking here.

 Her coaching office is located at Cosmos Deja Vu, changing the world one fabulous haircut at a time. You can visit their FaceBook page by clicking here.

 You’re doing great mom!