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Dad and I were up on Link Creek. Now, at first glance you ┬áhad these massive schools of undersized, and I’m talking completely unprivileged kokanee, ranging anywhere from six inches to about a foot in length, and they were spawning. Six inches! What a waste of a life. But then the hatchery gene doesn’t travel far, thus the progression of barely legal brain dead fish, spawning and passing on the weakening link.

A pair of brown trout. Fall foliage providing minimal privacy.

 Then you had the browns. Big browns. Suttle Lake browns. Brown trout feeding on the spawning kokanee, which collected in massive schools along the banks where soft shallow current granted rest, revealing their eel like presence, waving like a thousand ribbons in unison.

But the browns weren’t only foraging on the small fragile kokanee, they were also making babies of their own. I hope they forgive me for sneaking in a few photos. I promise they’re not R-rated.

In the process.

Their brilliant colors really broke through, even in the shade, where a lot of sex was in the works.

They pair up and spawn. The promise for a future generation.

Believe it or not, these were the hardest photos to get. Fertilization in the works.