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Reaching Out

ReachingOut Adj

Summer of Streams; Essentials


You know it’s getting personal when clients shoot a text before I arrive for housesitting, “FYI: We’re out of creamer.”

Summer of Streams; Flirting With Ferns

SOS1I found myself flirting with this fern just after eight last night. A shallow smirk caught me off guard, while a comment was made on the whole situation,”There’s a photo here. Don’t mind if I do.” Current carried the ferns reply elsewhere, somewhere downstream. But it’s the idea, and it’s kind of right here.

Stout Reluctance

Drifting. Things getting scattered. Unfolding, procrastination on the horizon. Glorious in its bathing reluctance.

Should have, could have, but didn’t. Nah, I was caught off guard. The plan was to paint both my bathroom and spare bedroom. None of it happened. I’m throwing the blame on my dad, totally his fault. His text, sent earlier before our journey up and throughout a few wild untamed streams, simply lured me away.  

Guilty as charged. 

SR1And you know what? I didn’t catch a single thing. Hooked a few, that I did. None of them made their way to my open and otherwise caring hands. 

Beyond the giant trout, those bastards freeing themselves from ends of otherwise stout leader, it was a good day. 

SR2No complaints. And the paint will still be waiting.