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365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number Twenty Seven and Twenty Eight…

You’ll have to excuse my tardiness. We had a family reunion on Saturday, and I wasn’t back until way late. It was a great time, lots of laughter. I always enjoy seeing my mom with all of her sisters. They are a crazy bunch, with lots of stories as one might imagine. They made day number 27. 

Here is Day Number Twenty Seven…

Adjusted27Abbey Lane. 

Here is Day Number Twenty Eight…

Adjusted28My Aunt Cande and my sister, with her favorite backpack. 

Around And Around

Sisters to the McKenzie Pass, back to Sisters, over to Tumalo, then back to Sisters. Around and around, through the woods, up and over the pass…twice…we would go.

Not many photos, but it was a good time.

Scott’s Lake. But Scott wasn’t around. Dad kept looking.

If you ever get the chance, especially in late October, hit up the McKenzie Pass Byway. Drops at an incredible pace, but the scenery is awesome. Hues of orange, and with the right sunlight, the canopies above seem on fire.

Salmon habitat. Secret stream.

Closed to angling, closed to throwing flies at lingering trout that were all over the place.

Upper North Fork, Santiam River. Beautiful fall evening.

Dad was swimming right below this spot. Camera and all.

Leaves in fall mode.