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Of Despair

©Des1Stairs of despair. For Dennis. “Great going down, beautiful. Climbing out, leave the 400mm on the trail side. Brutal.” 

©Des2I apologize for the shaky shot. I was shooting like a true tourist. Of which I’m not. But I digress. 

365 Days of Photography with Day Number 116…

Day 116…

©365-116During this particular course of time, I came upon a unique moss setting. Plush with the posh. I parked my camera upon a cranky stump, imbedded with ferns. It’s the rebellious part in me, leaving the tripod behind. Setting the intentions high.

Getting Out

SCr1 SCr2 SCr3 SCr4 SCr5 SCr6 SCr7 SCr8 SCr9 SCr10

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #278-282

Once again, I’ve been away and without any internet. Please forgive me. It’s August, and I’ve kind of been out and about, enjoying our awesome summer. Here are a few photos taken over the past few days. Enjoy!

Here is number 278…

Summer Stairway.

 Here is number 279…

Canon Chick.

 Here is number 280…

Maiden Oregon.

 Here is number 281…

Pic Bench.

 Here is number 282…



365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #221 with Tamrac’s Expedition 7X! Love it!

Hiked the Silver Creek Falls area this evening. I also tried out my new backpack. It holds most of my gear, and it’s freaking stout. It’s bomb proof. All alone, it’s light. All packed up, it’s like a tank. But…it has awesome lower back support, with plenty of breathing room (actual airflow channels, which are always nice). I had no issues while packing it on my seven mile hike. It held up without any hiccups. 

 Tamrac’s Expedition 7x

It holds my backup body (7D), and just about all of my lenses. My 5D MarkIII with the 24-105mm attached would be a tight fit, but I’m guessing it could be done. 

Anyhoo, I snapped a couple pics along the way. Hope you enjoy. 

The insanely popular South Falls.

Pretty flowers. I really do have this thing for wild flowers.

And there was light.

Lower South Falls from the trail. Lots of kids out today, so I had to make this quick.

This is what I love about June, what’s left of winters runoff creates several “small” falls in the area. 

 Double Falls.

I believe this was the Middle North Falls? Trails are practically manicured.

Stopped and snacked along the bank, where reflections always capture me.

Bridge. Just a random bridge.

Graffiti Creek. Why not? 

Spawning Berries.

Lush, healthy banks. 

 And number 221…

Big North Falls. I love the sound, the energy, the ferocity coming from this place. 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #117

Here is number 117…

Winter Falls. Slick trail. Did not stumble. And I’m stoked it’s March, that much closer to June. Days are getting longer. 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #92

Here is number 92…

I hired a hiking guide, and we happened upon this location. She called this, “The fairy tale world.” 


Pro Hiking Guide Melissa, striking a pose. Don’t mess. Seriously, though. Don’t mess.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #38

Another chilly evening. Blue skies though, thank God for blue skies. And the evening fell gray before four thirty, and by five dusk enveloped a haze in the surrounding hills that you could never break. By that time, icicles had taken form on loose dripping moss, and tall firs fell silent while fog plumes broke the slightest of breeze. Yes, it’s another December evening in the foothills surrounding the Willamette Valley. 

However, I still snuck in a few shots.   

Here is number 38…

In the Mouth Of Madness. Truthfully, I really dig this picture. It just looks dark and violent. Natures way of saying, “Yeah, I’ll eat you alive.” Most would rather have the North Falls photo, or the Dainty Falls photo. But this just begged my attention. I was actually in awe of it. You have to understand how my mind works, how I’m always working up stories, or imagining what nature might be saying. 

This was the Runner Up for #38…

Sweet little falls. So dainty.  

Silver Creek. North Falls, hanging over the edge. After this photo was taken, I took a dive. 

Trail Of Ten (Revisited)

Guess what? The Trail Of Ten, up at Silver Creek Falls, was completed. Rachel (Santa Cruz Babe) came up, and we both hiked the entire loop. It was awesome. She pretty much kept ahead of me the whole time, and she even let me capture a few shots of her.   Beautiful weather, beautiful girl, beautiful hike. I couldn’t complain.

Need I say more?

Working it.

Lower South Falls.

Gigantic Falls. Rachel kept threatening to push me in.

Just the expression, “I hope you’re not taking one!” Priceless.

She couldn’t escape.

She was going to climb the wall, and then forced me into it.

Little break.


Quick pose.

Took a swim.

Miss Hottie, “I really hope you are not taking one!” Too bad, so sad.

I’m smiling back.