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365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #268

Here is number 268…

 Getting Wild.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #262

Here is number 262…

Lazy Late July. Downtown Salem.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #247

Here is number 247… 

Last year at this time, Melissa and I were at the Capitol goofing around with some pics. I decided to revisit since it’s so far from my place, with my camera dangling by my side. The only thing missing…Melissa. 

Emo. Totally emo.

The pic though, not quite emo. 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #36

Here is number 36…

Downtown Salem. I’ve always liked the clock. The Jackson Jewelers clock. Always lit along Liberty Street. Everything downtown, as of now, is aimed primarily at the holiday season. Trying desperately to get more people out and spend. Anyhoo, it’s the American way, and I’ll be out buying a few gifts here very soon. I kind of like the whole Christmas theme going on downtown, the lights and all the decor. Very nice, and perfect for taking a stroll then parking it on a bench and downing a coffee or a thick and frothy latte. As a matter of fact, that sounds awfully good right about now. So if you’ll excuse me…I have other business  to attend to.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #25

And here is number 25…

Deepwood Estate. Downtown Salem, just down from Bush Park. A little stroll, a little of this and that, and then a photo to set the mood. Or something along those lines.  

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #22

 And here is number 22…

 Not the best evening for venturing out. With relentless downpours working the valley over, it’s kind of hard to wonder the streets. I mean it’s been really raining, like the really good stuff. Showers, nonstop. It’s Oregon at its finest. Past two days, pure bliss with the weather, pure bliss. Today, the faucets have been turned on full blast. Just nuts. Basically this photo was the extent of my shooting.

 I’m not making this up. Before I shot this, there was nothing but the sound of rain pelting cold asphalt. You had these lights coming on, Christmas lights here and there, strings of lights dressing bushes and trees. And then there’s me, hunkered under an eve, trying to keep dry. Suddenly this music starts to play. Not just any music, Christmas music, and it’s really loud. I’m kind of freaked out, I mean it’s blaring from speakers just around the corner from where I’m hunkered down. So I stand and slowly walk around the corner. That’s where the fun begins. Elves are prancing around on this lot, setting up a perimeter. I blink, then blink again. I notice that they’re high school girls, with maybe a few guys mixed in. I really can’t tell. All I know, they’re prancing and dancing, adorned in colorful costumes. Then Santa walks out of this little makeshift house, candy canes by the doorway. And then the kids start showing up. “Ho, ho, ho,” that’s all I hear from the candy cane house. It’s pouring out, kids are lining up to see Santa, and elves are abundant. I half expected a juggling performance with kittens and gingerbread men. 

 You know what I miss? I miss days like this, when this photo was taken, last summer. I found this today, my gem for the day, reminding me that sunny days will be here again. It’ll just take a while.