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Big Buteos

Last weekend, I received this text from my dad, “Went out by Ray’s the hawks are all perched in a shady spot out in the trees.”

So this evening I took a drive and sure enough, they were there.

Buteo jamaicensis. That’s Red-Tailed hawk to you. With over a dozen immature birds roaming the fields out by Ray’s, some overhead circling on invisible drafts, and some on the ground wondering where the voles were. I could almost make out curious expressions on their faces. Heads cocked to the side, slightly tilted forward, eyes open wide, almost as if wondering if they’ll ever get this hunting thing down. Bird of prey, being a raptor, a genuine predator, it’s a big name that they’ll be carrying around.

Pesky crows.

“Who goes there?!?”

Heres to the next generation of Red-Tails, those beautiful raptors that adorn lone power poles and giant oaks. Best of wishes for this upcoming year dealing with voles. Ray’s Harriers are your only competition. Bi-Boy excluded, last seen heading south, for the bay area.

Immature Red-Tail going for a flight.