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Remains of a King

I’m in the process of creating a Facebook fan page. I’m taking a break from that to upload a few photos from Saturday. Dad and I were looking for salmon and steelhead up and throughout the canyon, where November skies brushed the foothills with a white powder. We never found any steelhead, but we did find chinook, just not in the form we had visioned.

November rain filling empty stream chutes and beds. 

No salmon here.

We live in a mossy state.

I felt like reaching under that rock, but thought better of it.

Proper way to tow your camera and additional lens. Great on the neck.

First dusting.

It kept getting stuck.

Salmon territory.

Leftovers from a spawned out celebrity of the northwest. Favorite photo of the day.

Everywhere, dead salmon wrapped and snagged on rocks and other obstructions.

Jaws. Remains of a king. Just not in the form we were looking for.

Cravers And Misbehavers

I’m always craving streams. It doesn’t matter if I’ve got a fly rod in hand, or my camera, or a coffee, I’m always craving for more. It’s an indulgence that never ceases, especially living here in Oregon. I don’t think these cravings, as simple and yet complex as they may be, will ever go away. So, once again, you’re left with some stream photos and a few other aquatic pictures.

I’m also working on categories, I’ll have them up soon! Promise! Check out my dads photos from earlier by clicking here. Or go to his Home Page.

And the misbehavers? You’ll see further down…

A whole lot of color going on.

Coyotes viewpoint.

Great pool. Right below this gigantic rock was where I slipped and fell, slamming my camera into a rock. Surprisingly nothing happened, and I was surprisingly surprised.

Big leaves are big right now, lining banks and pool beds.

Mallards viewpoint.

Dude, those rocks were something slick and awful. On the other hand, they were insanely beautiful, with hues of orange matter saturating every crevice…thus making them even slicker.

Caddis larva are going to dig all the fresh fallen leaves. Feeding frenzy. 

I dropped my 200mm in between those rocks, watching it slide and bang against other rocks and current, disappearing somewhere far beneath the surface. It was time for it to go. Not really. Never really. Not cool.

Working upstream. Kokanee.

Thick fish, good size. Probably another few weeks of life left.

 They’re not making it up this. Sockeye: Yes. Kokanee: No.

Love the colors.

Beauty along the upper sections of K. Creek.

Misbehaving. Territorial pangs.

“Break it up you two!” Okay, this guy is trying to break up the fight between these two. Total misbehavers.