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Just South Of Here, Second Batch

Okay Barbara, here are a few from earlier today. Amazing how the fog had burned off right in the area that I was shooting. A mile up the road, nothing but fog blankets. And the sun even showed its rays for a few! Pretty cool.

And my favorite of the day…

Hula Hoop Light Pole. Reminds me of something I would have done as a kid.


Just South Of Here

Okay Barbara, let me know if any of these will work. I’ll be out getting a few more tomorrow, probably midmorning, after the kiddos are in school and the soccer moms have moved their vans.

Bennett Park. I always feel weird with my camera at parks with toys. I’m always afraid some soccer mom (and this neighborhood is loaded with them, perfect place to raise a family) is going to think I’m taking pictures of her kids. Like the Stranger Danger thing, and then, “Hi, I’m Chris Hansen. Why don’t you have a seat over there.”

Bennett Park pathway.

Playground. I did not play on the equipment. Five minutes after taking this shot, the park was full of kids.

This was taken at Bryan Johnston Park. Either way I moved my camera, the frame would have either picked up a couple on a bench, or a jogger.

Bryan Johnston Park. This was another park where I had to watch where I was shooting. People were roaming around. Very nice park.

Baxter Hill Community Hall. I almost went nuts after taking this. I had my wide angle on, and this hummingbird was calling from a nearby bush. That meant running back to my vehicle, and switching lenses. But I was determined, and I wasn’t going to be distracted. He was just taunting me.

Our Saviors’s Lutheran Church. I somehow captured the cross right in the white of clouds. It looked like God was pouring his light down upon the church. Kind of cool.

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. Big church. Really nice area to raise a family.

Community Gardens. A little dark, rich in color and contrast. I didn’t pick any tomatoes.

Community Gardens. This is probably my favorite of the day. Didn’t even plan on taking this.

 Fall Drive. Good colors. Someone has a nice house at the end of this. This was supposed to be the “Shot of the day.” But I changed my mind. It looked better in person.