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Eagle Eyes


While tracking a UFO this evening, we encountered a lone eagle. Eagles are tough to spot, especially due to their smallish size. I think its white head, against a gun metal sky, gave it away. I stepped out of the car and hollered at it. It hollered back. I waved. It waved back. I asked if it was lost. It asked if I was lost. My dad interrupted and said we were all lost. 



This is for mom. An early birthday photo. This is Sam. Not Sammy, Sammie, or Samson, or Smith, and definitely not Siri. Sam has an iPhone5. Sam enjoys chasing small animals. Sam enjoys long flights along the beach. Sam is easily annoyed by his cousin, the Golden Eagle. Sam is doubly, triply, quadruply, annoyed by juvenile eagles. 

Partying Like It’s 365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, With #56


Lone Eagle.

Partying hard.

Dinner at the historical Drift Inn.

And coffee with live music.

Here is number 56…

Where fresh meets salt. I thought of my brother, and then pictured him throwing gobs of prawns at nickel bright steelhead and salmon returning home. “If this doesn’t work, I’ll grab a net.”

Bald Bachelors

From Mount Bachelor (barely visible by the way), to the Fall River, to the outskirts of sage country, dad and I surely know how to make the rounds.

There were also few bald bachelors (bald eagles, and not all that far from Mount Bachelor), who also caught the attention of our inquiring eyes.

Hope you enjoy.

Swaying and crackling with the first frost.

Recycling done right. Makeshift coffee cup.

Bald and Bold.

Beau and I carved our names on this bench back when we were like 15. No joke. We were freezing to death, with a light snow falling all over and around us, I remember shivering nonstop. We were waiting for his parents to pick us up. One of our many trips to the Fall River, and by the end of the day all we could think about was food, primarily barbecued ribs. Remember that Beau? Kasey’s Texas Style Barbecue. “Just call me Teddy.”

What’s left of it.

No spring chicken.

Red Wings viewpoint.

“There you are! What are you doing way up there?”