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What happens…

What happens in Friend…


…stays in Friend.

Rays ‘N’ Rain


Rays ‘n’ rain upon an early downtown Salem. About time.


Haze of Perspectives



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Clouded Bridge


365 Days of Photography with Day Number 168 and 169…

These two images can be summed up in a single paragraph. First image speaks for itself, while the second is etched throughout the entirety of dads demeanor. 

Day 168… ©365-168

Small dents and the merciless rust of time. Individual tracks and the swing of dreams that went wide with the strain of reality prying inward. Calculating those moments of restraint, when things fell apart, straightening up and facing that thing. Glancing at that thing with a heightened awareness. Dim options eyeing back, simple as shadows slicing through dirty sage. Just the idea of pushing through, that seductive half drawn color of hope. That thing, that thing that was already costing too much. That thing that imprisoned with a wide perfect order. A never ending possibility that dislike lurked on the other side, taking it all away. And yes, it was just that. That thing, mad and tired, considerate in its misery; that thing known as failure. Eradicating dreams once reasonable, then undone, now unlisted. 

Day 169… ©365-169

That part felt good. Putting the words to use.

Conscious Fluidity


I posted this same photo on Instagram, for Filson. Later, realizing that this was in fact a decent shot, either with Filson or without, I decided on adding to my blog. 

And no, I didn’t catch any fish.