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Better call…

Check out his latest…

©365-139Click, check, boom: Brownsmead Cannery

A Farwell to Dead Ends

You can’t bloom if you’re not a flower. South east receiver J-Bolt Template Rd. Sailing atop cotton columns mystic to the waving bird. Heed the advice of the one fingered salute; dead ends suck.

MysticWandHowever, you can view his latest results by visiting, Wild West and the Newbill House.

Dad Lassos Horse Trap Hotel


Horse Trap Hotel

Visit the full version, including an audio account; OregonFoto’s Horse Trap Hotel

Rice Factors

©RiceFactoryDad framing the past where a grain elevator once labored in pursuit. This would be Rice, Oregon. There’s a wheat field here but most of the place is tired. Most of everything is now gone, altered or perished by time. 

If you’d like to see more of his work:

Yodeling Cafe


Dad took this with his Walmart Kodak. Guess he’s going to fix this place up. That’s going to take some serious devotion, and coffee consumption. He’s going more for a nostalgic cafe look. You chew on your coffee beans, spit out the grounds. Boyd’s is partnering up with him. This should be an interesting project. 

Check out more here… Yodeling Yoder Cafe

A Brief History of Scrub Jay Way Gardens, Raised Bed No. 4 Along With Day #40, and #41

This was taken on June, 7th. Each trellis specifically constructed for Raised Bed No.4 (“Chickadees Playground”). It was a rather exciting day. Red signifying Porters Dark Tomatoes, while yellow signified Yellow Pear Tomatoes. 


Here is Day Number 40…

Fast forward to August 10, a brief blink, and this is the current situation…


I’ve put a cross section on the 4×4, and used twine to secure the plants. They are very top heavy at this time. It amazes me how heavy they actually are. 



Here is Day Number 41…

Adjusted41This is a scrub jays view, and I’ve decided this would make todays photo. Raised Bed No. 5 (“The Watering Hole”) is not quite visible, it’s on the other side of my Red Russian Kale. “The Watering Hole” hosts Walla Walla Onions.

Adjusted41.3This morning, I caught this visitor after a bath. She was wondering where the towels were at.

She also told me to tell everyone in the community about