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Pretty Enough


Pretty enough for a postcard.

Mirrored It

©Mirrored It

And this fell to my advantage. Color sequenced slopes while a mottled canary canopy begins its shift.

That One Over There


 Made a surprise trip to my favorite place today. 


Beyond grateful.

Zippity Zee

©ZippityZeeA few ounces of bliss. It’s out there, while my camera is over here. My next rod will have, #YOLO LOL, inscribed above the handle. Then there’s the giant rainbows and cutthroat that make my reel go zippity zee. That’s the secret, where the fish are at. And I’m not giving it up, neither is this pic.

Bridging the Gap

©NeilCreekBridgeBridging the gap. Secluded atmosphere along Neal Creek. Another place dad and I stumbled upon. Neal Creek Resort, Scio, Oregon.

Visit their website for more info: Neal Creek Resort


Just Because


And I didn’t fall in.

Revolving Journey

©Revolving Journey

Revolving Journey. That’s the title. I really like this one. It’s something I’ve been wanting to shoot for a long while. Around nine this evening I hesitated, sat my camera down, and brought this image to life.



Random Acts of Shutter #3: Garden Droplets

Random Acts of Shutter #3: Garden Droplets

In the northwest, they’re a given.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #338-339

Here is number 338… 

Spilling through sponges of green.


Here is number 339…

Tired but standing.

Warn paths and fall decor. Hiking is prime during  fall season here in the northwest.