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365 Days of Photography with Day Number 15…

Day Number 15…

©365-15Right after.

365 Days of Photography with Day Number 6…

Day 6…

©365-6This was muted, a brief pause within a scene. Inanimate stalks however alive. And the despondent ease of horizon, preferring this over that.

Random Acts of Shutter #3: Garden Droplets

Random Acts of Shutter #3: Garden Droplets

In the northwest, they’re a given.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #359

Here is number 359…

 It was once a home. Now it cowards to surrounding windmills, keeping a watchful  eye where golden hills dance during summer months. It plays curious, offbeat melodies, long deep howls that stretch with each passing breeze. It’s something of another era. Its reality now stands alone, leans alone, with a rather awkward grace.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #38

Another chilly evening. Blue skies though, thank God for blue skies. And the evening fell gray before four thirty, and by five dusk enveloped a haze in the surrounding hills that you could never break. By that time, icicles had taken form on loose dripping moss, and tall firs fell silent while fog plumes broke the slightest of breeze. Yes, it’s another December evening in the foothills surrounding the Willamette Valley. 

However, I still snuck in a few shots.   

Here is number 38…

In the Mouth Of Madness. Truthfully, I really dig this picture. It just looks dark and violent. Natures way of saying, “Yeah, I’ll eat you alive.” Most would rather have the North Falls photo, or the Dainty Falls photo. But this just begged my attention. I was actually in awe of it. You have to understand how my mind works, how I’m always working up stories, or imagining what nature might be saying. 

This was the Runner Up for #38…

Sweet little falls. So dainty.  

Silver Creek. North Falls, hanging over the edge. After this photo was taken, I took a dive. 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #21…Along With A Few Others.

Here is number 21…

“Mommy, you should of just brought your shades.”

 That’s my lovely caption for this photo. This was taken earlier, like the other photos in this post. It was a beautiful day. I woke at 8am, then went back to sleep, woke a few more times and decided on getting out of bed around noon. Yep, it was one of those kind of days. I went for a drive, and just drove. Made a few stops here and there, and just enjoyed this late fall day. I even had jazz playing. 

 This was the runner up for number 21. I liked it so much that I saved it as my desktop photo, because I’m cool like that. This was taken up the hill from the now abandoned Mallorie’s Dairy. Skies were perfect, and so was this barn.

 Here were a few others from today. Hope you enjoy.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, Photo #6

Here it is, photo number six.

I really enjoyed the leaves. If I was out goofing around, they’d be perfect to dive into.

Photo assignments are always interesting. While working in the field, getting the right shots for someone is of utmost importance. Doesn’t really matter what the subject or task may be, it all boils down to getting the right photos. My eyes have to kick into gear, my senses have to be cued towards the right environment. A lot of it, or the rest of whatever may come, it usually always falls into place. But in my opinion, this one weird element makes a real difference. 


I’ll take a 30 degree day over a 90 degree day anytime, anywhere. Why? I hate sweating all over my camera and eyepiece. Doesn’t really happen when you’re shooting and the temp is in the 30’s. 

Today wasn’t even near that cold. Just saying. 

Just South Of Here, Second Batch

Okay Barbara, here are a few from earlier today. Amazing how the fog had burned off right in the area that I was shooting. A mile up the road, nothing but fog blankets. And the sun even showed its rays for a few! Pretty cool.

And my favorite of the day…

Hula Hoop Light Pole. Reminds me of something I would have done as a kid.


365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, Photo #4

And here it is, photo number 4…

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Thomas Kay Woolen Mill. Downtown, Salem.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, Photo #3

Photo number three…

Union Street Railroad Bridge, amidst the late evening hours.