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365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 78…

Here is Day Number 78…

Adjusted78 Early signs.


365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 73…

Here’s yesterdays photo. Arrived home way late last night after my bedtime, then simply crashed, so it’s posted this morning.

Day Number 73… 

Adjusted73Fractured, defeated by time.

And an extra, since I was late… 

73.2Lazy Waters.

Field Trip

Adjusted FieldTripField Trip Days

Sun Kissed Sunday

Hope you’re having a…

Adjusted SunKissed…wonderful Sunflower SunDay FunDay

Hay! Look at that!

Hay! Look at that! 

AdjustedHayTis the season. Carry that splendor. August Hay Days. And I didn’t even have to edit this shot. Bingo and a plus.

Scrub Jay Way

If you’ve been wondering where Paul’s been, he’s been working on his new yard.

That’s right. I’ve been turning up dirt and staring down weeds. No photo sessions, or traveling around.

SJW1Do I enjoy it? Why yes, I actually do. I have a lot of projects that need to be completed in the near future. Just taking it a day at a time. Is it overwhelming? Not really. It can be when I’m reminded of everything that needs to be done, then it’s like, “Yeah, I know, I’ve ran that through my head about a thousand times.” 

SJW2I’ve named this section of my garden, “Scrub Jay Way.” I’ve had quite a few scrub jays showing up, pouncing on tasty morsels found within my lawn. Instantly, just like that, the name came about. Psychologically speaking, I’m sure it derived from a past reference, one buried within the depths of my brain, and suddenly brought to the bright surface, “Blue Jay Way” from The Beatles. A magical mystery kind of ordeal.


Throwing Adams

They were all of insignificant size, but it didn’t really matter. Nothing more than a few hours of bliss, reeling in acrobatic cutthroat trout, enjoying those peculiar sounds where riffles and current combed over shallow uneven cobblestone beds. Choice of fly was none other than that of an Adams. Pure surface action, with every ounce of me engaged. Irritations melted away, drifted away, like those white pudgy columns patrolling the skies overhead. TA2Each throw of line put the Adams on a different voyage, riding high on surface while moving shadows beneath kept a curious eye. Everything in their world, passing morsel or otherwise seemed always under strict surveillance. And then there was the familiar break, where surface split, and the Adams going bye-bye.TA1


Manic Tantrums

April’s manic aggressive skies riot helter skelter over a rather timid Willamette Valley. They remind me of a hyperactive child who’s discovered a faucet somewhere in the heavens. Within seconds it’s yanked to full blast, resulting in a violent burst of showers, cascading upon the submissive earth below. Moments later the faucets turned politely off, things return to order, and bird song declares its return. Itching


These have been added to the Spring Fling Photo Gallery.

Slow Path

Things are coming to life. Colors are splashing onto the scene. SpringFling3This photo has also been added to the gallery “Free Stock Photos: Spring Fling 2013 Photos.” Be sure to check it out!

Spring Fling

Here’s a few spring fling photos. I’m going to create a new gallery, the “Spring Fling Photos 2013” gallery. Feel free to use them. How’s that sound? Peachy and good. There are some colors coming along down at the old park, blooming and splashing with April just at the corner. I was just about ready to leave, have me another stroll at the park, second one of the day (look at me, eh?), when the clouds above turned on their creaky faucets. Kind of dampened the whole idea, so I’ll be burning off the extra energy at the gym instead. Nothing new there.SpringFling1


Listening to Iggy Pop and James Williamson, mixed with the Seeds.