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So I changed the name, and the domain.

This means I’ll lose some of my past followers, and gain some new. As of now, with October around the corner, I’ll share a few recent pics, with hopefully more to come as my favorite month falls into view (see what I did there).


Metolius River, taken by Karen. Trout were on fire here at Idiots Hole. A mass of hatches, including the usual suspects, danced and displayed themselves atop the surface, riding along before being gulped in a splash-like manner from an array of  green and blue backed red sides. Window of opportunity was abundant on this brilliant early fall day.


Yes, I’ve got even more youngsters out back now.


True, it’s a generic postcard shot, but I still dig it. Sunflowers out in the back, and a happy goldfinch.


Pulaski season. Well, I actually framed this shot for catching those rays splicing through.


Yes, it’s been a busy summer, and this girl helped out.


My typical stance after an evening of sanding and priming.


Admiring my handy work, not at all blowing on a spider.

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Hoodoo Dogs To Wizard Falls

Good day for a drive. Met dad up at Big Lake and we went from there. And the sun was high.

Looking upstream at Wizard Falls on the Metolius River. Great place for pictures.

Fall foliage along the banks with maples on fire. Metolius River.

Dad was going to wade out and take a dip. Metolius River running nice and warm.

Secret stream feeding the Metolius River. Fallen maples dare.

Bright blue, where the wizard stood, casting to white fish. His favorite fish.           Metolius River.

Couple up at Big Lake. Susie and Ken. She was impressed with our camera gear.

                                                   Another picture. This one vertical.                                                     If you guys would like the originals, give me a call.

Dad found a new friend running loose up at Big Lake.

“Just throw it will ya?”