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365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #343

Interested in a beautiful fall hike? Along a beautiful river? Along with fiery amber hues? 

Here is number 343…

 Let’s take a gander along the upper McKenzie River. We’re looking at plush banks. Ever saturated banks. 

Alive with vibrant colors. 

We’re looking at, or maybe even testing, natural bridges…

 …Or unnatural. 

 Fall is a unique time along the upper McKenzie River.

These photos were taken along trail numbers…

 Get out before the real cold, the real rain, the real dampness hits. Do it before it’s too late!

Mckenzie: Blushing Blue

So I’m going for a fall theme for the entire month of October. A few maples are changing colors, while others are not far behind. This is probably the best time for coffee and cider, lounging in a cafe or on your couch, with a good book or a good set of pics to view. Hope you enjoy.

Watching for trees, and eating peanuts.


Getting ready for a rinse in the lake.




Better if you’re actually there.


Dad went for a dive.


Different angle. Dad floated by.

Cool family from somewhere. I’ll send you guys the pic!

This is…moving.

Dying for a cast.



Motor and drive. Still alive. Kick it out.

Zane’d like this.