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Sporadic Shutter: Amber Ales, Hotel Oregon.

SSH3 Devin celebrating with the Christmas spirit.

Hotel Oregon Presents The Dickens Carolers, along with Santa

McMenamins Hotel Oregon presents…

DC1The Dickens Carolers.


    Santa has it under control…


Birthdays, John The Ghost, and the Rooftop Bar (Aliens Included)

 Alright, these pics are a little bit out of order, but I don’t think it’ll matter one bit. Just some of the stuff that happened Sunday evening. Best evening, hands down, so far this summer.

Cake ice cream at Devin’s (pre)birthday party.

Big 26. 

On display.

I don’t remember his name, but super cool guy.

Scary Stories. Same book I read as a kid.

This kid never stopped smiling. 

Fire “pit.”

Smurf Day cake. Classic.
It’s the paparazzi!Great couple from New York, hanging out atop the Rooftop Bar.U of O? Nah, try UFO! The famous UFO room, Hotel Oregon.McMenamins art. I’d expect nothing less.Poor John the Ghost. Getting blamed for everything.The original paparazzi (Melissa), hiding behind her Nikon.