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365 Days of Photography with Day Number 31…

Day Number 31…

©365-31It seemed to be a good choice, especially with Halloween just hours away. Outside of Grass Valley. Some would say there’s a story here. Others a time for renovation.


©SolaceSolace exists within reach, because most do not stand alone. They reflect a confidence of sorts. A tribute of duration decades over, where summer suns expose the vulnerable.

Long Sigh

©LongSighLittle house on the weary. Was potential granted under bare skies where winds wave between shy stems of near blonde atop trembling terrain void of courtesy, omitted of condensation? Impressions are questionable, conclusions fanciful. This is the long sigh.


©MurderMayhemI’m not sure how to title this image. There’s backstory, but it’s lengthy. It contains a good amount of drama, some dark and overcast, which tends to carry furthest. Bringing this scene to life, after being robbed of life, was sincere. I’ll know whether it’s good, if I’m being honest or not. And here I know and feel, even after the fact. Murder or not.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 47…

Here Is Day Number 47… 

Adjusted47Sneak Peak along Dusks Highways.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number Nineteen

Here is Day Number Nineteen… 

Adjusted19A Better Place To Play. 

Adjusted19.2 Sleep all day.

No Post Code Envy

PaintingAlmost a painting. Almost.