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Weighted Evaluation

weightedevaluation-adj-copyI’d clean their windows, but…

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365 Days of Photography with Day Number 57…

Day Number 57…

©365-57Mystery Shoe

Blemished Habits

Starched naked limbs like fractured talons claw at those open skies. Bleached trunks sprawl with tales in each and every crevasse, stories of resignation belonging to forgotten summer suns of humility and impairment. Lost valleys and repressed ways. Alone and disregarded, much like those confused windows, now blemished frames that once held transparent scenes of fortune with seizing smiles of gratitude and beams of graciousness. Lamented and laid to rest, where warm breezes carry faint sighs like haunted memories along that late horizon.  Blemished Habits


Cattle and a blustery, dreary afternoon, followed by a leaner of a house. Homesteads come and go, and this baby has just about seen the last of its days. Leaner Fox, Oregon.