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Whippet Good

An evening in the life of Willow and Willis.  

“Can we steal your shoes? Just…maybe…one?”


Don’t touch!

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #364

Here is number 364… 

Meet Willow and Willis! Newest additions to our growing “whippet, whippet good” family. 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #361

Here is number 361… 

This was up for rent. I checked with the neighbors, some twenty miles away. They looked baffled, but gladly took my deposit. I’m to keep the noise down. No feeding the big eared jack rabbits. Coyotes, always welcome. Burlap espresso bags by the back burner. Waters from the well, thanks to the creaky windmill that’s ready to croak. Lanterns gotta be off by ten every night. It’ll get chilly late fall, but that’s okay. It has free random skylights, which convert into natural showers whenever it pours. Stove has a few holes, random buckshot I guess. It’s really not that bad.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #359

Here is number 359…

 It was once a home. Now it cowards to surrounding windmills, keeping a watchful  eye where golden hills dance during summer months. It plays curious, offbeat melodies, long deep howls that stretch with each passing breeze. It’s something of another era. Its reality now stands alone, leans alone, with a rather awkward grace.