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New FaceBook Page!

Hey everyone, I just created a Great Pics Photography FaceBook Page. About time. Anyhoo, check it out here…Great Pics Photography FaceBook Page, and give it a like.

FB FanPage Post

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 89…

Here is Day Number 89…

CS179Added another gallery. Really like this pic. Stephanie’s dad is awesome. 


Click here to visit the fourth gallery: Chad & Stephanie’s Wedding (Fourth Gallery)

Chad & Stephanie’s Wedding (Fourth Gallery)

Chad & Stephanie’s Wedding (Third Gallery)

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Chad & Stephanie’s Wedding (First Gallery)

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365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 84 and 85…

Another late post! I’ve had a hectic past few days, thus not enough time on my laptop or with internet. Anyhoo, here are a couple of shots from Stephanie and Chad’s wedding. Couple of my top picks for pics from this last weekend. There are so many to choose from, and I’m currently working through them all. Tomorrow, I might add two new gallery sections from their wedding. It’s looking that way…I’ll keep you posted…

Here is Day Number 84…

365DFP-84Perfect trails, prefect couple. Tillamook Forestry Center really has it put together. It’s a beautiful place for weddings, or family outings, with hiking and fishing along the Wilson River. I highly suggest. 

 Here is Day Number 85…

365DFP-85Happily ever after!

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography. With the finale, #365

It’s the finale. Last pic. 365 days of photos, with number 365. And it seems like just yesterday when I had first started. 

We’ll celebrate this final day, this final 365, with a shot that has made so many of my photos become a reality…

 Road trips. This is number 365.

Road trips, and I mean all over this state. Road trips that have taken us, my dad and I, out of the state. Making a wrong turn has brought into such places as Nevada, and at other times we’ll end up discovering some ancient homestead, home now to sage and scraggly coyotes. Some don’t make it far in life.

 Hung up.

 Road trips mean the Jetta. On loan from Canon. 

We also get comped for our hotel stays. 

We’ve also met a lot of interesting characters along the way.

I love shooting mules.


Our designated speed limit, so we don’t miss a single thing…

 15 MPH. Oh yeah.

I’d like to thank everyone who has followed this blog, and for those who check on it daily. Most of you, I’ve never had the privilege of meeting, but I wanted to thank you regardless. A big thanks to my fam and friends, especially Melissa. Also a huge thanks for the random emails, messages, and other cool and awkward/strange comments along the way. I’d also like to thank Canon, your gear has held up through a ritual of bumps and bruises. This includes the 7D, 5D MarkII, and the 5D MarkIII. Big gigantic thanks to Tamrac, you’ve made my life in the field a real joy. It’s been a pretty cool trip, with my Dutch Bros./Starbucks/Allann Bros in one hand, and my Canon in the other.

I have a few ideas in store for my next “365 days of photos.” It’ll be a surprise, and I’ll have something up before you know it.

If I’ve put a smile on your face, made you think, made you laugh, or brightened up your day…then I feel like I’ve done my job.

Thanks again.

Paul Miller  

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #315

Warm evening downtown. With fall closing in, I’m enjoying the last of our summer days. Less than ten days away. Even though this is my favorite time of the year, I’m going to miss the long evenings. Fall travels too fast. It’s like the shortest season in history for me. I’m just going to focus on road trips with dad, and weekend randomness with Mel.

Late summer and early fall, it’s also one of the best times for portraits. Take for instance these two love birds. They made Photo 315. Ashley and Earl’s engagement photos. Check out their gallery HERE. If it loads painfully slow…well, I’m going to apologize ahead of time. If they don’t look super sharp, it’s due to a smaller file size with the added watermark. The original file sizes, they are amazing. So, just excuse any blurriness or pixilation.  

Here is number 315…

And remember to check their gallery here… A&E’s Engagement Photos.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #21…Along With A Few Others.

Here is number 21…

“Mommy, you should of just brought your shades.”

 That’s my lovely caption for this photo. This was taken earlier, like the other photos in this post. It was a beautiful day. I woke at 8am, then went back to sleep, woke a few more times and decided on getting out of bed around noon. Yep, it was one of those kind of days. I went for a drive, and just drove. Made a few stops here and there, and just enjoyed this late fall day. I even had jazz playing. 

 This was the runner up for number 21. I liked it so much that I saved it as my desktop photo, because I’m cool like that. This was taken up the hill from the now abandoned Mallorie’s Dairy. Skies were perfect, and so was this barn.

 Here were a few others from today. Hope you enjoy.

Falling Back

Another account of another excursion in the back lands of Oregon. And a detailed commentary, because it’s gotta be told.

Looks like a slow moving stream, where you’d expect trout sipping on midges at a leisurely pace. Not so. It’s just, well, stagnant water that’s probably infested with more mosquito larva than you could ever imagine. The adults? They’d just love to pay you a visit.

Last days before the big freeze.

Dad, looking back. I really like how this photo turned out. Best photos, in my experience, are those that you aren’t expecting.

It’s a she. Hopefully you get it. Think about it for a minute, especially if you’re from Oregon.

Mountain Compass.

You know what, this photo reminds me of something you’d see from the 50’s. Like a 50’s photo. It appears saturated because of how the skies were rolling and living. The barren land, and then there would have to be a Coca Cola ad. That, my friend, would make it official.

Ooh. Changing the colors up. I love the clouds way in the back, just minding their own business, same goes with that big mountain.

If you look carefully, you’ll see my dad up on the top. He was waving. I had to use my 18000mm lens. I was in Keizer, on top of the tower behind my place, when I took this. It’s a special lens, donated by NASA.

“Get out!” I love this photo. I swear, the tree right behind the snag, it’s yelling at the snag to get out of there. You can even see it pointing. Notice? That’s right.

Caterpillars viewpoint. “I can make it, I can do this. I gotta keep at it,” and he crawls and inches towards the canopy which appears on fire, where hues capture the suns rays and toss them into a sea of embers, diamond embers that roll and spin with each breeze. “I can make it, I can do this. Oh sh-,” and a pileated woodpecker glides by. “That was close. That was almost the end. That was too close. I hate this job.”

Vultures snag! Perfect for a turkey! If vultures could speak English, they’d be singing praises atop this snag. Or ravens in the dead of winter.

They look bored. They probably are bored. It’s fall, and they’ve had a long year. But they look beautiful. Props. Mad props. Another great display.

I like taking photos, great pics, with the sun pointing right at me. I love looking at the sun with my lens. My dad does it with his 500mm, and I do it with my 200mm and my wide angle. Wide angle, it just isn’t the same. A telephoto will perform wonders to your retina. 

They look lonely in a sea of lava rock. A big vast black sea of rock. A big black vast sea of…boredom. 

Notice the pattern?

Late evening…fall. And I need coffee before I…fall.