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Greatest Great Horn Story! Heartwarming and Inspirational.

Great Horned Owl

Love this photo. Brilliant. My dad shot this earlier today. Took him over ten hours to capture this. He knew the spot well, and after nestling down between two aging aspen trees at the brink of dawn, he waited patiently for the sun to warm the early horizon. After some time, like clockwork, this beautiful great horned owl emerged from a thicket where it had nearly consumed half of a young fawn carcass (owls don’t chew, they swallow whole, then later regurgitate both bones and fur in the form of pellets). It made its way across a wide valley of sage, flying low, cutting through thick fog. Within minutes it took to its daily roosting post. Dad had spotted this particular owl several months ago, what followed was a carefully and meticulously planned out procedure on making this shot work. No flashes were used. His secret? Patience coupled with his 800mm lens, along with his Canon 1DX, and 300GB memory card with a read/write speed of 5000MB. Serious photographers require serious gear. And one other thing…this whole story was fabricated, other than the part of my dad taking this shot, which was earlier today, within minutes of getting out of his truck. After spotting this badass bird up in a mess of limbs, he simply raised his camera and fired the shutter. That’s how it really went down.

Check more at his site, Oregon Fotos.


365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number Thirteen…and Fourteen

Since I was out of town over the weekend, with this being out in the middle of the desert, I was unable to post Saturday’s photo. So, here you’ll have both day Thirteen and Fourteen. Enjoy your Sunday evening!

Here is Day Number Thirteen…

365DFP-13Old boots. Aged boots. Found somewhere between here, and Bobcat Pasture. 

Here is Day Number Fourteen…


Best thing about this photo, no editing, no cropping, no touchups. Simple and yet mysterious. This is the Great Horned Homestead, upstairs, second story. The owner is now sporting my old pair of shades. No joke.

Greaty copy