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Slow Path

Things are coming to life. Colors are splashing onto the scene. SpringFling3This photo has also been added to the gallery “Free Stock Photos: Spring Fling 2013 Photos.” Be sure to check it out!

Spring Fling

Here’s a few spring fling photos. I’m going to create a new gallery, the “Spring Fling Photos 2013” gallery. Feel free to use them. How’s that sound? Peachy and good. There are some colors coming along down at the old park, blooming and splashing with April just at the corner. I was just about ready to leave, have me another stroll at the park, second one of the day (look at me, eh?), when the clouds above turned on their creaky faucets. Kind of dampened the whole idea, so I’ll be burning off the extra energy at the gym instead. Nothing new there.SpringFling1


Listening to Iggy Pop and James Williamson, mixed with the Seeds.

Aurora and a New Gallery: Black and White Color Splashed Photos

Created a new gallery. Check it. Feel free to use them. Color Splashed Stock Photo Gallery.

Such an eventful rainy evening. I feel coffee coming on.


Free Stock Photos. You read that right.

Interested in free stock photos? If so, check out the following galleries:

 Free Stock Photos: Haunts and Homestead Images

 Free Stock Photos: Farmland Images

I’ll be updating a few of my other galleries, offering additional images free of charge.

If they are too small, email me and I’ll send you the original.

 If you decide on using one or more, go ahead and shoot me a message, maybe letting me know. I’m kind of curious on who visits my site. I’d like to know who’s out there, and what images they have found useful, in this wide and wonderful blogosphere. 



Free Stock Photos: Haunts and Homestead Images

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