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©IndisputableIt’s in the contrast. Just the other evening, Dennis and I were discussing polarity within images. When I shot this, contrast was indisputable. And, making it even better, no editing!

Vibrant Chaos

©VibrantBlanketsVibrant blankets nod submissively while claps of chaos reverberate overhead.




Sa2Violet blankets of camas drape lower Bush Park.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number Three

Here is Day Number Three… 

365DFP-3 copyIt’s competition, brute survival. Busy living in a buzzing vibrant environment. Get the goods before the others do. And watch out for those pesky hummers.

365DFP-3.2 copy

Spring Fling

Here’s a few spring fling photos. I’m going to create a new gallery, the “Spring Fling Photos 2013” gallery. Feel free to use them. How’s that sound? Peachy and good. There are some colors coming along down at the old park, blooming and splashing with April just at the corner. I was just about ready to leave, have me another stroll at the park, second one of the day (look at me, eh?), when the clouds above turned on their creaky faucets. Kind of dampened the whole idea, so I’ll be burning off the extra energy at the gym instead. Nothing new there.SpringFling1


Listening to Iggy Pop and James Williamson, mixed with the Seeds.

Flushed Inflammation

Flushed Inflammation©Flushed Inflammation


Inflammation inspiration.

Flushing away.

My back is feeling better. My chiropractor said I’ve made a ton of progress. Such a relief. 





Strawberry crisps 3%


Leap Frog (Vibrant)

Out with pops, and captured a few pics along the way.

No flowers or frogs were disturbed.

Little Leaper.

Zoomed in.

Mellow (Golden) Yellow.

Last days of summer.


Look Back.

Bees enjoy.

False sunset.


Anybody know the name?

Or this one?

How about this guy?

Not quite ripe.

Grapes Of Wrath. Not really, just wanted to use that title.

I was really digging these. Imagine the bees, “Go to the light, go to the liiiight.”

“Thanks for visiting,” Vibrant, the leap frog.