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365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #230

Here is number 230… 

Tis the season for farming. Tis the season for allergies.

Dear November

Dear November, I miss October.

Dear November, it’s your month when my electric bill starts to soar.

Dear November, you’ll bring in the rain, and end our sunny days.

But…I can still shoot. Wet cameras and all.

Last of fall ways. This was taken with my iPhone. I felt so hip.

Lovely Pamelia Creek.

Hues, North Santiam.

Community, North Santiam.

Fire banks, Pamelia Creek.

Warblers viewpoint, North Santiam.

Going bald, shrub version. North Santiam.

Minks viewpoint, Pamelia roaring.

Decay, saturated. Pamelia Creek.

In another week or two, these rocks won’t be visible. North Santiam.

Dippers Station, Pamelia flowing.

Good place for a fall nap. Pamelia saying hi.