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365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #354-356

Here is number 354… 

Autumn follows its routes, while the Three Amigos turn golden.


Here is number 355… 

Poplars break into chorus with each passing breeze, turning out brilliant ambers against a fall afternoon.


Here is number 356…

High earth, high floors. Passing of seasons brings forth a crunchy carpet, treading lightly is pretty much impossible.   

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #343

Interested in a beautiful fall hike? Along a beautiful river? Along with fiery amber hues? 

Here is number 343…

 Let’s take a gander along the upper McKenzie River. We’re looking at plush banks. Ever saturated banks. 

Alive with vibrant colors. 

We’re looking at, or maybe even testing, natural bridges…

 …Or unnatural. 

 Fall is a unique time along the upper McKenzie River.

These photos were taken along trail numbers…

 Get out before the real cold, the real rain, the real dampness hits. Do it before it’s too late!

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, Photo #6

Here it is, photo number six.

I really enjoyed the leaves. If I was out goofing around, they’d be perfect to dive into.

Photo assignments are always interesting. While working in the field, getting the right shots for someone is of utmost importance. Doesn’t really matter what the subject or task may be, it all boils down to getting the right photos. My eyes have to kick into gear, my senses have to be cued towards the right environment. A lot of it, or the rest of whatever may come, it usually always falls into place. But in my opinion, this one weird element makes a real difference. 


I’ll take a 30 degree day over a 90 degree day anytime, anywhere. Why? I hate sweating all over my camera and eyepiece. Doesn’t really happen when you’re shooting and the temp is in the 30’s. 

Today wasn’t even near that cold. Just saying. 

Just South Of Here, Second Batch

Okay Barbara, here are a few from earlier today. Amazing how the fog had burned off right in the area that I was shooting. A mile up the road, nothing but fog blankets. And the sun even showed its rays for a few! Pretty cool.

And my favorite of the day…

Hula Hoop Light Pole. Reminds me of something I would have done as a kid.


Just South Of Here

Okay Barbara, let me know if any of these will work. I’ll be out getting a few more tomorrow, probably midmorning, after the kiddos are in school and the soccer moms have moved their vans.

Bennett Park. I always feel weird with my camera at parks with toys. I’m always afraid some soccer mom (and this neighborhood is loaded with them, perfect place to raise a family) is going to think I’m taking pictures of her kids. Like the Stranger Danger thing, and then, “Hi, I’m Chris Hansen. Why don’t you have a seat over there.”

Bennett Park pathway.

Playground. I did not play on the equipment. Five minutes after taking this shot, the park was full of kids.

This was taken at Bryan Johnston Park. Either way I moved my camera, the frame would have either picked up a couple on a bench, or a jogger.

Bryan Johnston Park. This was another park where I had to watch where I was shooting. People were roaming around. Very nice park.

Baxter Hill Community Hall. I almost went nuts after taking this. I had my wide angle on, and this hummingbird was calling from a nearby bush. That meant running back to my vehicle, and switching lenses. But I was determined, and I wasn’t going to be distracted. He was just taunting me.

Our Saviors’s Lutheran Church. I somehow captured the cross right in the white of clouds. It looked like God was pouring his light down upon the church. Kind of cool.

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. Big church. Really nice area to raise a family.

Community Gardens. A little dark, rich in color and contrast. I didn’t pick any tomatoes.

Community Gardens. This is probably my favorite of the day. Didn’t even plan on taking this.

 Fall Drive. Good colors. Someone has a nice house at the end of this. This was supposed to be the “Shot of the day.” But I changed my mind. It looked better in person.


An Honest Evaluation: Reality Behind The Lens (Sarcasm Set Aside, This Time)

I’ve been asked a few different times for a more “real,” more “authentic” opinion on how I feel about my photos, and what’s going through my head when the shutter goes off.

I’m going to make this short, because most would rather view than read.

Also, my new website is taking time to build. Thanks for your patience. I will keep this up as well, but maybe more as blog, letting people know where I’ll be shooting or what some of my photos reveal at an “emotional level.” My new site will be photos only.

1. This was up on French Creek. I give it a four, on a scale from one to ten. It’s a four, maybe a three and a half, but the ferns give it a four at best. So, a solid four it is.

2. Dads Jetta. The colors got the better of me, and I thought it might have been a good angle. Kind of like something you’d see in a car mag. It’s simple and it gets the point across.

Some may be wondering why my copyright has grown in size and font. It’s pretty simple. I recently noticed a pic of mine being used, and it’s no big deal, except that they intentionally trimmed out my copyright and name. It’s also nice because if someone wants to use a new photo of mine, like in an ad or anything like that, trimming is going to be a real pain. They’ll have to get the original from me instead.

3. Simple fall pic up at Breitenbush. I have another photo that I took in the same spot, with the camera at a slightly different angle, for a different feeling in a different frame. This photo was aimed more at the orange and yellows on the distant maple. Beyond that, you can catch a glimpse of my dad.

 4. This is the other photo taken right after photo number 3. This would also be a great pic if shot in monochrome.

5. Another fall photo up on French Creek. I was feeling sick, and my head was throbbing with every step. Getting out is always good, but I was starting to feel that maybe staying on the couch or in bed might have been a wiser decision. My issue? I can’t seem to stay still.

6. This was another perspective on French Creek. As you can tell, I really enjoy moving streams.

7. I really enjoyed this area. In just a another couple of riffles, this stream joins Breitenbush River. I’d give this photo a four. It’s got a soft blur going on. This wasn’t hard to accomplish, I just focused on the leaves and the rocks towards the bottom of the photo.

 8. By this time, my whole body had this aching thing going on. I thought I was beating the cold and the runny nose and the this and the that plaguing my body. Nope. It felt like it was starting all over. However, I knew that if I put my tripod in the middle of the stream, and at the right angle… I just really like this photo. It’s a great pic. I’d give it a solid seven.

9. This was taken on Breitenbush River. I wanted to emphasize on the small trickles that turned into miniature falls.

10. This photo was taken in the same area as number 8. It’s just a horizontal shot rather than vertical. It has a softness as well.

11. Vertical shot, and I was really going for the feeling of fall found along the the banks. Especially the soft colors, extending up past the trunks and into the canopies, where a blur of change was happening.

12. I really like how there is so much going in this photo, I feel it gives this photo more life. The feeling of the trees, and how the hues are taking their turns on the different maples in the area, it really sets the tone.

 13. This was aimed at the leaf. I took two of this position. One with water appeal, and the other with more of a background appeal. You’ll catch a glimpse of it further down.

14. Another bank shot, vertical. Skies were darkening, while the sun dipped below surrounding hills that turned into mountains, appearing dark and mysterious along with the late evening hues.

15. Same shot as number 13, just with a soft color present in the background. I achieved this by leaving my shutter open for a tad bit longer, and directing it towards more light.

16. One of my favorites from yesterday. It’s simple and yet I feel it’s brilliant, because it’s exactly what I was going for. The feeling of it, the colors, and the dark and bright soft spots, and you can’t miss the distinguished white bark of the towering fall alder. It’s simply a great pic.

17. Feast of friends for the rising trout. An aging stonefly, caught in a brief pause, followed by a quick photo.

18. This was my favorite photo from yesterday. I was feeling very sick, with a great head cold going on, totally wiped out, but I wanted to keep going. When the shutter sounded, and the display screen lit up, I knew I had struck gold. I remember yelling, “Dad, I got a good one.” It’s simply a great pic. I give it a solid 8.5.