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365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 61,62, and 63… “Spirits are among us.”

I’ve been out of town, hence no photos or posts. Dad and I were over east, as in eastern Oregon. We encountered a few haunted dwellings, where dad said, “The spirits are among us.” Check out his site for more exciting and haunted photos by clicking here: Oregon Foto’s

Here is day number 61…

Adjusted61I was setting up my flash and it suddenly started strobing, and dad hollered, “Is that Timothy Big? (Northwest Oregon Bigfoot) Oh wait! That’s a ghost!” 


Here is Day Number 62…

Adjusted62An angel pierces the atmosphere, exiting into another dimension, another realm.  That’s really not my flash. All honesty.


Here is Day Number 63…

 Adjusted63Children were heard writing on the chalkboards at this abandoned school. Also, they were heard yelling, “Is it recess yet?!?”