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365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #51

Here is number 51…

Cold, gunmetal gray skies. Starlings in a conference of chatter, robins crossing the tracks, pigeons whistling in flight. And then there’s me, trying to figure out the best way to capture a seed mill. So I ended up further down the way, by the railroad truss. That’s where I’d get my photo. Or at least that’s what I had in mind. 

Then a thought occurred to me. Is it grey or gray? “Gunmetal gray skies, sounds nice,” I said to myself. I often play word games in my head, or try to figure the best way to put them on paper or on a blog. I kind of dig the English language, even though it’s in jeopardy. Words fascinate me. Origins, and the like. But with blogging, I like to keep it simple so that the majority of readers won’t get lost. Something most bloggers and writers should keep in mind.

Runner up for Number 51.

So, I asked again: Is it gray or grey? “Well, you can use either,” I answered  (normally I don’t ask and answer my own questions). “For the color gray it can be either way.” Half a dozen pigeons whistled overhead, circling a lone silo. Their feet came in contact, screeching on the slated (gunmetal gray!) roof. 

If you’re ever curious on how the color gray is spelled, just remember: It’s gray or grey. 

And that’s Paul’s wordplay for the day, along with a few photos.