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Manic Tantrums

April’s manic aggressive skies riot helter skelter over a rather timid Willamette Valley. They remind me of a hyperactive child who’s discovered a faucet somewhere in the heavens. Within seconds it’s yanked to full blast, resulting in a violent burst of showers, cascading upon the submissive earth below. Moments later the faucets turned politely off, things return to order, and bird song declares its return. Itching


These have been added to the Spring Fling Photo Gallery.

Busy Blur

Alert with accuracy, busy in a world of vibrant colors, the hummers at DeepWood Estate work in a frantic frenzy of nectar filled evenings, browsing through a variety of flowers, diving through towering oaks, chasing robins and stout flickers from their holding grounds. They’re a driving force to be reckoned with.BusyBlur1


Violet Distractions

Even lone hummers periodically surrender, falling victim to the intoxicating beauty of violet wild camas.Violet Distractions 

Dogwood Days

Cream colored petals optimistic with being greet an early April. DogWood1

DogWood2 Be sure to check this out in the Spring Fling Gallery section.


Can you spot him? Where at?Where?


365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #25

And here is number 25…

Deepwood Estate. Downtown Salem, just down from Bush Park. A little stroll, a little of this and that, and then a photo to set the mood. Or something along those lines.