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365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 64…Entire Shebang

Here Is Day Number 64… 

Adjusted64Furnished Finds. Entire shebang. Get on it. Dad grabbed the chair.

Early Gold, and the Buck that weighed ISO 25600

AdjustedFRWIEarly gold blankets a rather calm morning. Fallen Raven Wood Shop Inn. NoRulesMiller, Oregon.

 AdjustedDeerISOThis was pretty cool. It was dusk, as in dark. I asked my dad if he wanted to see this buck lit up, grainy as the wheat he was chomping through. Dad stopped, I rolled down the window, tried to focus, and fired a shot. Shutter was at 1/30, right? My ISO, 25600. 25600! No joke. No editing done to this image. And it’s less grainy than I had imagined!

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Thirty One…

Here is Day Number Thirty One… 

Adjusted31Ocean Front. Dad style.


365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number Sixteen. Bobcat Homestead and Modest Mouse

Here is Day Number Sixteen… 


Zane had laughed at this pic, so I thought I’d post for day number sixteen. This was in Bobcat Homesteads old barn. Dad was venturing too far inside, when the walls started talking…and squealing. This ham simply posted for a photo, begged for a photo, after dad left his string cheese on that square nail. 



Dad has two phones. Cell phones. And he hates Net10. So far.Net10

Yetti Spaghetti. Searching for Timothy.

Sasquatch days are back. Dad is desperately trying to find Timothy, the only big foot that’s been on the wrong side of the road.

Tim1 Timothy likes leaving clues behind.


Looks like his name, coded, carved on the rail. Vandalism. 


Camera always at the ready.





365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #336-337

Here is number 336… 

Fall Grace.


Here is number 337…

Proxy Roxy. This is where I dropped my camera. No damage though, other than a few scruffs.

Triple Shot.

Dad. Haywire.

This is the classic dad shot. Classic.

Setting up. Sliding off. Tumble dry, low.