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“You say something?”

DC33 copy

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Selective Focus Across The Grid

Where do you want the blur kind sir? That’s the question with my new 17mm tilt shift from Canon. It’s a special kind of lens that came from an equally special kind of couple. I was gifted this lens from Jan and Dennis, which I’m beyond grateful for. You could say I was in a state of shock (still reeling from it) when I opened the box. Dennis and I often discuss the ins and outs of photography, philosophy, politics, pizza, Eggplant Parmigiana,* and Bourne. It’s the lingo of life when working around a coffee connoisseur with yours truly. And then it’s working to up my own personal photography game beyond “that’s nice” to “that was a true to form shot.” Expecting what I know to be the truth from within myself, not from others. In other words, not splitting the difference or settling for less.

I decided on posting two photos taken earlier this morning, both with the tilt shift along an obscure creek where my Starbucks ran dry. One is a selfie where the focus was shifted (still toying with it), while the second was opened up for full detail.


Turning my back on graffiti and facing the snag ahead.

Yes, I’ve got my work cut this way and that way for me. Thank you again, Jan and Dennis.


Detail without distortion.

I’m posting this from my phone so if there’s any errors I apologize ahead of time and will fix them later.

*Olive Garden Buy One GET ONE! Deal which is kinda nuts in itself

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365 Days of Photography with Day Number 172 through 179…

Day 172…

365-172Locked out.

Day 173…

365-173Aunt and grandma playing shop.

Day 174…


Day 175…


Day 176…


Day 177…

365-177Looking back.

Day 178…


Day 179…

365-179Canon pap…

365 Days of Photography with Day Number 99-100…

Day 99…

©365-99Those clouds of mist out there, those we’ve been experiencing for the past few nights, that seem to roll in with each layer of fog, I’m railing protest against. It’s like a heavy noise but right on the lens. So, I decided upon a throwback to better days and better ways. Damp free. 

Day 100…

©365-100Floyd was playing when I took this. Floyd kind of puts me in those artsy moods. It was Pigs (Three Different Ones), from Animals. Opened for thirty seconds, dominated with a 600ex-rt flash, then my iPhone. No sweat. Another Dennis inspired shot.

365 Days of Photography with Day Number 16…

Day Number 16…

©365-16Upper Glass

365 Days of Photography with Day Number 13…

Day Number 13…

©365-13The Wanting Pool. 

Field Notes: Early shot. Tripod on the fritz. Jitters from java. Slippery surface. Sound of riffles coupled with scolding  jays. Two tone maples. And the jealous 85mm putting in some time.

Moving Mobile Moments: Cranky Chorus

imageIn the field with my first mobile upload. Meanwhile, Canon captures the cranky. Meanwhile, my wide angle gets some use.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

©WTE1New arrival! No hitches other than the box being previously opened. 

©WTE2Plunder at the end of the rainbow! No joke! 

©WTE3The golden calf err Canon! 

©WTE4His first shot using his new 135mm. Going manual mode at f/4, ISO locked at 100, with a shutter clicking 1/200. Beautiful depth of field. 

©WTE5His contract with Nat Geo prohibits him from lending out lenses, so I had to bribe him. My first shot with the 135mm after a lengthy negotiation. F/2 at 1/800 of a second.

Mark of Respect

©MarkofRespect1.1Mark of respect.

©MarkofRespect1.2Soon-to-be bearer of a 5D Markiii. Welcome to the Family, Dennis.

Canon Introduces New EOS 1D X…

Dude, Canon introduces the new EOS 1D X.

Super sweet. My next toy.

Cost? $6,800

When will it be available? March, 2012.

  • 18.1 Megapixel Full-Frame CMOS and Dual “DIGIC 5+” Image Processors
  • New 61-Point High Density Reticular AF including 41 cross-type AF Points
  • EOS Full HD Video with Manual Exposure Control and Multiple Frame Rates
  • Shutter durability to 400,000 cycles, Exclusive Dust- and Weather-Resistance, new Ultrasonic Wave Motion Cleaning.

 Can you say “Wow”?