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What to Expect When You’re Expecting

©WTE1New arrival! No hitches other than the box being previously opened. 

©WTE2Plunder at the end of the rainbow! No joke! 

©WTE3The golden calf err Canon! 

©WTE4His first shot using his new 135mm. Going manual mode at f/4, ISO locked at 100, with a shutter clicking 1/200. Beautiful depth of field. 

©WTE5His contract with Nat Geo prohibits him from lending out lenses, so I had to bribe him. My first shot with the 135mm after a lengthy negotiation. F/2 at 1/800 of a second.

Early Gold, and the Buck that weighed ISO 25600

AdjustedFRWIEarly gold blankets a rather calm morning. Fallen Raven Wood Shop Inn. NoRulesMiller, Oregon.

 AdjustedDeerISOThis was pretty cool. It was dusk, as in dark. I asked my dad if he wanted to see this buck lit up, grainy as the wheat he was chomping through. Dad stopped, I rolled down the window, tried to focus, and fired a shot. Shutter was at 1/30, right? My ISO, 25600. 25600! No joke. No editing done to this image. And it’s less grainy than I had imagined!

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography. With the finale, #365

It’s the finale. Last pic. 365 days of photos, with number 365. And it seems like just yesterday when I had first started. 

We’ll celebrate this final day, this final 365, with a shot that has made so many of my photos become a reality…

 Road trips. This is number 365.

Road trips, and I mean all over this state. Road trips that have taken us, my dad and I, out of the state. Making a wrong turn has brought into such places as Nevada, and at other times we’ll end up discovering some ancient homestead, home now to sage and scraggly coyotes. Some don’t make it far in life.

 Hung up.

 Road trips mean the Jetta. On loan from Canon. 

We also get comped for our hotel stays. 

We’ve also met a lot of interesting characters along the way.

I love shooting mules.


Our designated speed limit, so we don’t miss a single thing…

 15 MPH. Oh yeah.

I’d like to thank everyone who has followed this blog, and for those who check on it daily. Most of you, I’ve never had the privilege of meeting, but I wanted to thank you regardless. A big thanks to my fam and friends, especially Melissa. Also a huge thanks for the random emails, messages, and other cool and awkward/strange comments along the way. I’d also like to thank Canon, your gear has held up through a ritual of bumps and bruises. This includes the 7D, 5D MarkII, and the 5D MarkIII. Big gigantic thanks to Tamrac, you’ve made my life in the field a real joy. It’s been a pretty cool trip, with my Dutch Bros./Starbucks/Allann Bros in one hand, and my Canon in the other.

I have a few ideas in store for my next “365 days of photos.” It’ll be a surprise, and I’ll have something up before you know it.

If I’ve put a smile on your face, made you think, made you laugh, or brightened up your day…then I feel like I’ve done my job.

Thanks again.

Paul Miller