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365 Days of Photography with Day Number 37…

Day Number 37…

©365-37A Walk.


Sa2Violet blankets of camas drape lower Bush Park.

Cafe Casual

This is a friend of mine that I ran into. It’s been awhile since we’ve spoken. Sometimes we just pass each other by, and that gets kind of old. Maybe it was the sun, or maybe not, but we actually paused and greeted one another. It was a warm moment, with casual conversation, cafe style conversation. I commented on the house, I thought it was looking rather nice. We spoke about the weather, and about trees and leaves. It was real low key, but still real. Nothing too far out. There were comments about spring, and comments about different types of wood for sitting on. I learned a few new things, or maybe relearned them. That parts still foggy, not a super heavy kind of fog, but more of a light kind of fog, lifting and dissipating. That kind. 


It was pretty casual.

Hummer Versus The World

Talk about protecting some serious territory. This hummingbird kicked every single bird out of its tree. Then, if that wasn’t enough, it got so ticked that it flew way up, way overhead, clear up into the canopy and mess of a gigantic oak, chasing every cedar waxwing from its perch. When the waxwings split, the hummer continued chasing the flock for a good distance, before beelining back to its perch.

Beelining. It’d probably take offense to that.

It seriously had wings of steel.

Before the bushtit invasion.

And if that wasn’t enough, it took charge at a group of bushtits. A quant little flock of bushtits minding their own business, chatting away, carrying about in a curious matter. The hummer would have none of it. It weaved through every limb, literally prodding the small tufts with beady eyes, scattering them for cover in a nearby fir tree. When that was done and taken care of, it dropped in on a patch of flowers. It refueled and returned to its perch as if nothing had ever happened. When it sang, it reminded me of a miniature starling. Lots of imitation sounds and calls from other birds.

Just don’t perch in its tree.

This waxwing, between gulping down berries, kept an inquiring eye out for the little bomber. His buddies had already split.

Completely confident.

Strutting, or better yet buzzing. Hovering.

Very tough hummer, and clearly not afraid.