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365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #321-322

Here is number 321… 

Murder Mystery Train Ride…Who dunnit? “Fugget about it!” 

Here is number 322… 

A meandering creek passes through, while Boyd Mill overlooks, keeping a close eye.


365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #290

Here is number 290…

Boyd’s Place. This was a coffee tasting room during the pioneers days. Boyd hand delivered each burlap bag of beans during the Northwest Coffee Tasters Exploration days, tracing back to the mid to late 1850’s. Each shot brewed was tested, tried, and given a hearty knee slap if it met the requirements given by the Coffee Tasters Secret Society. To this day, shot glasses can still be found around the town of Boyd, near Boyd’s Bean Tower, and of course at Boyd’s Place. The Coffee Tasters Secret Society is still a mystery around the town of Boyd, and so is this fictionalized story.


Boyd’s Bean Tower. This was a storage mill for Boyd’s coffee beans. They were roasted on the first level, and treated with filtered spring water from a meandering creek in front of the mill. The Coffee Tasters Secret Society were the only guests allowed inside. Be sure to grab a cup and visit Boyd, Oregon. It’s where fictionalized accounts like this are born, warming the imagination.