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When you jump in but the waters a little cold.

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The Neighbor


Oh, Excuse Me


“Oh, excuse me.”

This the Buffet?


“Heard this was the line…for the buffet. Hope I’m not late.”

You know, the chickadees actually tried scolding her. Couldn’t believe it. They win for the biggest kahunas out back.

An Ospreys Perspective

JV1 copyAn ospreys perspective of Venus and Jupiter. 

365 Days of Photography with Day Number 210 through 214…

Week Through The Birthday Bash 

Day 210…


Day 211…


Day 212…


Day 213…


Day 214…


365 Days of Photography with Day Number 20…

Day Number 20…

©365-20Early spy and whooo do I find?

Gold Flower

©GoldFlowerA style which usually eludes me. It’s hazy through mesh screen which framed inelegant. Perhaps I’m prying a little. These are lesser goldfinches, either in the role of a hummingbird, or playing honeybee.

What’s The Fuss?

©What'sTheFussWhat’s the fuss?