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October Blunder and Kent’s Meat Puppets

Gone again.


OctBluAdjusted1Visited dad earlier. I’ve never seen him so confused. Wondering around in front of his place, mumbling, making little sense. So I kept asking, “What’s the matter? Camera freeze up again? Lose the memory card for the tenth time?” He slowly turned, shuffling like a pigeon. “I forgot coffee,” he replied. Staring out at sage, he continued,”And my wood stove…I forgot wood for my wood stove. Lost my beans at the store in Kent, who was late for his rent. Where is Boyd’s? They were going to deliver. Wagon train only. Meat Puppets are coming to town. Maybe playing under my windmill. Why’s my windmill look funny?” 

OctBluAdjusted1.2A real blunder. 97 Rock. Sigma Feud.