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365 Days of Photography with Day Number 39…

Day Number 39…

©365-39No need for an alarm.

A Distinctive Challenge of 365


A few years back, I took on a concept, “365 Days of Photography.” And it was just that, a photo for everyday of the year. This proposal provided both a purpose for certain images, along with a contribution towards my well being. With that being said, I’ve decided to accept the challenge once again. Despite the difficult undertakings involved, be that with weather or sheer lack of enthusiasm on my part, I’ll find a way. I’ll also rediscover that personal inner voice, whispering, “Can you?” Fundamentally, it’ll be about asking “Maybe” a bit more often. 

Day #1…

Distinctive Response


Overhead blankets define an early dawn while a balcony shares its unique story.

Baker City, Oregon

Baker City Stude


Been here for a long while.