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Aftermath 2012: Before and After pics from Salem’s flood. Including 365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #76.

Aftermath from Mill Creek. Pringle Park. 

Here are a few before and after pics. Hope you enjoy viewing these from a nice dry place, like a cafe with coffee in hand, or a bar stool, or the laundromat, or the city bus…not the city bus. 

Before: Cute little bridge at Pringle Park, surrounded by ugly swells. 

Aftermath: Shifted, tilted, no longer all that cute.

Behold the power of water.

Before: Someone forgot to shut the door. As Zane would say, “Hate that when that happens.”

Aftermath: Looks fine on the outside…

…Not so much on the inside. You can even make out the creeks level.


Aftermath: Good thing they’re bolted. Freshly emerged.

Rocky pathway. There were rocks everywhere. Stream bed found a new bed.

Dying. Lots of dying fish. Not dead, dying. They were still flopping around. Mallards were having a feeding frenzy.

Before: Swollen.

Aftermath: Battered trunks. 

Before: Row your boat, follow the arrows.

Aftermath: Sign is ready to come down. The ground was so soft. 

Well, this should keep the City Of Salem busy.

Before: A practical side eddy.

Aftermath: New marker. The old guy in the background was a little useless this time around.

Before: Riffles and runs.

Aftermath: Ripped the soil clean away, leaving a nice crater. 

Little wet inside.

Before: Nice wide pool.

Aftermath: Fun times lay ahead. The parking garage, which was a full blown pool not even 24 hours earlier.

And here is number 76…

Just love it. It’ll take a long while before all of this is cleaned up. Good thing this wasn’t in the spring, when Salem is in full bloom. Not the best for attracting tourists.