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Posts from the ‘Winter Photos 2012’ Category

Plant Stamp

I’m looking forward to spring. 2.19.13:1


Psychoactive chemical compounds are found in a number of cacti. They can change your mood, your perception, your cognition, and really screw with your brain. 2.19.13:2

 Let me tell you something, you bump into this plant here, you’re gonna change within a fraction of a second. Your perception and mood, instantly, drastically changed. Basically going from psychoactive to psychotic in the blink of an eye.


Flushed Inflammation

Flushed Inflammation©Flushed Inflammation


Inflammation inspiration.

Flushing away.

My back is feeling better. My chiropractor said I’ve made a ton of progress. Such a relief. 





Strawberry crisps 3%



I’m not entirely sure what happened here. It’s like a hillbilly revival suddenly kicked in, with face painting and all. I was just shooting, and then they ran out of the woods. This is not my fault. 





Yetti Spaghetti. Searching for Timothy.

Sasquatch days are back. Dad is desperately trying to find Timothy, the only big foot that’s been on the wrong side of the road.

Tim1 Timothy likes leaving clues behind.


Looks like his name, coded, carved on the rail. Vandalism. 


Camera always at the ready.





Eagle Eyes


While tracking a UFO this evening, we encountered a lone eagle. Eagles are tough to spot, especially due to their smallish size. I think its white head, against a gun metal sky, gave it away. I stepped out of the car and hollered at it. It hollered back. I waved. It waved back. I asked if it was lost. It asked if I was lost. My dad interrupted and said we were all lost. 



This is for mom. An early birthday photo. This is Sam. Not Sammy, Sammie, or Samson, or Smith, and definitely not Siri. Sam has an iPhone5. Sam enjoys chasing small animals. Sam enjoys long flights along the beach. Sam is easily annoyed by his cousin, the Golden Eagle. Sam is doubly, triply, quadruply, annoyed by juvenile eagles. 

Sporadic Shutter: Album Covers and Windows 2013


Shane Miller’s Latest Acoustic Album 

Featuring Such Hits As…

“Coming Home”

“Our Latest Path”

“So This Is Love”

“A Memory”

“Our Years Of Sharing”

“Discovering Our Message”

And much, much more.


Pops on the way to replace a few outdated, boarded, Fossilized, windows. 

Christmas Time Is Here. Hold Hands And Sing Jolly Songs.

Merry Christmas to everyone here and there and everywhere. Hopefully Santa treated you somewhat well. And if it wasn’t for the birth of Jesus, we wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas. 

Christmas Eve was spent with my dad and bro Shane. We ended up taking a little drive, searching for a worn out church, which never appeared. Maybe we’ll stumble across it some other day.


Dad, busy checking for the best cell service. Shane and him were having a competition. It was very intense. 


Shane, claiming that his phone, with the mile wide screen, had the best service the valley could offer. Earlier that morning, he dropped it into an unclean place. You’ll have to ask him about it.