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365 Days of Photography With Day Number 125…


This is what I so far miss; creeping those back roads. As of this moment, we’re following an endless spectacle of mass engineering. Uploading from my phone while dodging flickering of tail lights stretched out before us. Dad in command on I-5.

Baker City Stude


Been here for a long while.

When Lightning Strikes

©LS1First flash I’ve captured. Loud claps and stuffy air. Staticky power lines, with echoes booming between boxcars. I was pretty fortunate, better yet privileged, in dodging a wall of showers nearby.

©LS2This was what I saw it before it saw me. Sure, timing plays a role. But it’s the knowing with doses of confidence, and those ingredients coupled with the elements made me a very happy guy. My first real thought, “Only if this was the farm truck. Zane would love it.”

©LS3When my shutter opened, I turned my head. A bright flash brought me back around. I was going to delete it, but decided against.

©LS6Moving the frame in time for flash and crack against humidity.

LS4This wasn’t entirely planned. It’s a little fuzzy, however I kept it.

LS5Totally went that route. B&W. This was also a toss up.

The Worn Studebaker

This one is for Zane… 

He won’t pass this one up…