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365 Days of Photography with Day Number 88-89…

Day 88…

©365-88John Stauffer Homestead

Day 89…


365 Days of Photography with Day Number 54…

Day Number 54…

©365-54The famous tree. I’ll call this one the ‘Bare All’ phase.

365 Days of Photography with Day Number 49-50…

Day Number 49…

©365-49Lone Haze

Day Number 50…

©365-50Better Places 

365 Days of Photography with Day Number 37…

Day Number 37…

©365-37A Walk.

Getting Out

SCr1 SCr2 SCr3 SCr4 SCr5 SCr6 SCr7 SCr8 SCr9 SCr10

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 99…

Here is Day Number 99…

365DFP-99Her secret tree affair. To see more, visit her gallery section by clicking here: Molli’s Photos (Second Gallery)

Sporadic Shutter: Dad Brought Back A Christmas Tree. No joke.

Apparently it’s snowing in Stayton. Not here though, not yet, in Keizer. 

My dad sent me a pic of his Christmas tree. He’s been kind of going loco this Christmas season.

SSH6That’s a tree dad. That’s a tree.


365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #354-356

Here is number 354… 

Autumn follows its routes, while the Three Amigos turn golden.


Here is number 355… 

Poplars break into chorus with each passing breeze, turning out brilliant ambers against a fall afternoon.


Here is number 356…

High earth, high floors. Passing of seasons brings forth a crunchy carpet, treading lightly is pretty much impossible.   

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #344 Daisy, Donnybrook, and the case of the Lone Wolf.

Once again, we went too far. It happens every time. Either it’s some cracked and parched section of asphalt, or worn washboard. It never fails, a simple drive turns into a mini road trip. 


This trip took us to the wild town of Ashwood, then over to Donnybrook. It’s some of the most remote back country I’ve seen, and I’ve seen lots of it. 

 Naked poplar and the remnants of a worn homestead. 

The area was once known as Axehandle, during the pioneer days. It was later known as Donnybrook, this during the ranch era.

Thickets of thistles poke along homestead trail ways.

 Then we met Daisy Thornton, she made photo #344. This was her story…

GPP365-344Daisy Thornton. Lifelong resident.  

Donnybrook. District 19.

“That’s where I went. From grade through high school. It was just a single room school, that’s all it ever really was.”

How long ago was that?

“Well, I’m 89 years old. I grew up right over that hill over there. I’ve lived here my whole life. My house over the hill, where my daughter lives, it’s over a hundred years old.”

Is this considered Donnybrook? Or Ashwood? 

“This was the Donnybrook vicinity. That was back before Jefferson county even existed. This was all Crook county, you know, and this was where my grandfather homesteaded and farmed.”

Is this the only school in the area?

“Third. This was the third school built. The others, well, they’re gone. One caught on fire, and the other once stood out behind this one here. My grandfather donated one acre of land, well, because we needed a new school! So, he donated an acre and they built the school here.”

That is really cool. What about the wagon?

“Oh dear. That was my grandfathers. He would use that for hauling in firewood, lumber, and hay. My husband would tag along, but that was during another time. You had wagons then.”

It’s beautiful out here. Very far from any surrounding towns.

“Oh yes. I had a wolf out front here. He was picking on antelope. They said they’d never be over here. Well, I know one thing, that was no coyote! And then the wild boars. They are thick. And such a pain!”

You live out here all alone? 

“Yep. My husband, he’s gone. My daughter lives up over the hill. My other daughter lives down the road, with her husband, and one of my kids just bought that section of land outside of Ashwood, where that homestead stands with them poplars.”

We were there earlier. We happened to get photos. Pretty cool.

“Oh yes. Everybody wanted that section of land. Well, this is my home. My garden stays green, because I’m blessed with water.” 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #343

Interested in a beautiful fall hike? Along a beautiful river? Along with fiery amber hues? 

Here is number 343…

 Let’s take a gander along the upper McKenzie River. We’re looking at plush banks. Ever saturated banks. 

Alive with vibrant colors. 

We’re looking at, or maybe even testing, natural bridges…

 …Or unnatural. 

 Fall is a unique time along the upper McKenzie River.

These photos were taken along trail numbers…

 Get out before the real cold, the real rain, the real dampness hits. Do it before it’s too late!