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Sumpter Valley Railroad Photo Gallery

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 100 and 101…

Here is Day Number 100…

Adjusted100Going flash crazy. Selfie mug, in celebration of my 100th day of flash photography, even though it’s a day late. This photo reveals what happens when playing with too much flash, and while reflecting back on 100 days of reflective (flash) photography. I wanted to add something more, like a weird symbol or two from a weathered Blue Oyster Cult album. However, I was too lazy. Instead I was left with, “I’m beginning to see the light” by the Velvet Underground.


Here is Day Number 101… 

Adjusted101Colors are amazing right now. I love it.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 95 through 97…

Been away for the past few days. Not much internet access. So, I owe you three photos. I thought these were kind of fun. Had a great time this evening hanging with some family. Here’s my cousin Shea.

Here is Day Number 95… 

Adjusted95Emo on the tacks. Tracks of life. Waiting for the train to take the pain. 

 Here is Day Number 96…

Adjusted96Trying to smile.

 Here is Day Number 97…

Adjusted97Okay, a more real pic.

Pumpkin Seeds for Pleasantries

Fall Tracks

It’s the usual when shopping at Fred Meyer’s. Nearly every time I’m in line, something odd or surreal happens. I sometimes wonder if I’m hallucinating, but I’m not. It’s just things barely hanging in the balance between reality and misguided sanity. I’d like to say insanity, but that would be too easy. It’d be nice to think that the cashiers could possibly be a bit friendlier, could possibly share a smile while scanning goods, items that I’m purchasing which gives them a job.

Great Option for a Winery

I’ve made calls, complaints, with minimal effort on the other end. She was not a smiler, no boy, not this one. She barked orders, “Put that on the ground over there.” So, I dropped my basket on the ground, over there. Then came the mini interrogation.

“Are you married?” No.

“You sure eat like you’re married.” That’s great.

“All this healthy stuff. How much do you need?” Try it sometime.

“Pumpkin seeds? Are these really pumpkin seeds?” Yep. “Huh. Who would’a thought. Go figure.”

No smile. No pleasantries. Do I need a special permit to buy healthy? Or is there a special permit for pumpkin seeds that I’m clueless about? Maybe pumpkin seeds for pleasantries next time around? Maybe I just need to be married, then it wouldn’t be such a hassle buying healthy goods. Or maybe I should just shop Roth’s.

Take A Seat

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #315

Warm evening downtown. With fall closing in, I’m enjoying the last of our summer days. Less than ten days away. Even though this is my favorite time of the year, I’m going to miss the long evenings. Fall travels too fast. It’s like the shortest season in history for me. I’m just going to focus on road trips with dad, and weekend randomness with Mel.

Late summer and early fall, it’s also one of the best times for portraits. Take for instance these two love birds. They made Photo 315. Ashley and Earl’s engagement photos. Check out their gallery HERE. If it loads painfully slow…well, I’m going to apologize ahead of time. If they don’t look super sharp, it’s due to a smaller file size with the added watermark. The original file sizes, they are amazing. So, just excuse any blurriness or pixilation.  

Here is number 315…

And remember to check their gallery here… A&E’s Engagement Photos.