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365 Days of Photography with Day Number 45…

Day Number 45…

©365-45Thursday Throwback. Since I’m missing the sun, here’s a late throwback from just a couple months ago. When warm temps actually inhabited the region. Now they’re looking at a mild dusting of snow. However, before the snow, dad was brewing coffee amongst an early sun.

Conscious Fluidity


I posted this same photo on Instagram, for Filson. Later, realizing that this was in fact a decent shot, either with Filson or without, I decided on adding to my blog. 

And no, I didn’t catch any fish.

Pretty Enough


Pretty enough for a postcard.

Mirrored It

©Mirrored It

And this fell to my advantage. Color sequenced slopes while a mottled canary canopy begins its shift.

First Light

©First Light My Place 9

Maybe this is where it all begins.

Getting Along

©MyPlace1A self portrait along my place. And this is what I do. I walk along and gaze across. 

And today. It’s early. Sunday, 5:26am. If I do this right, which looks promising, I should find myself shooting along early light shy and new. 

That One Over There


 Made a surprise trip to my favorite place today. 


Beyond grateful.

Kirk & Amy Eighth Gallery

Kirk & Amy Seventh Gallery

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Kirk & Amy Sixth Gallery

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