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365 Days of Photography with Day Number 19…

Day Number 19…

©365-19Early ambience reflects honey hues while the photographers tripod grows weary with a pestering leg. 

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number Nineteen

Here is Day Number Nineteen… 

Adjusted19A Better Place To Play. 

Adjusted19.2 Sleep all day.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #320

Here is number 320…

“Go ahead. Get a little closer. I dare ya.”

I found a hollow between two boulders, and it was filled with crawdads. Some were dead, others were still alive. I have no idea, no clue, as to why or how they had got there. It was very interesting to say the least. When I made my move for a shot, this guy flared up, clearly ready for battle. He didn’t find one with me. Hopefully he won’t face a heron, because the results might not be in his favor.

The WildWood Hotel

The WildWood Hotel. Willamina, Oregon. 

This was, and still is, the place to be. They have good grub, and you can even rest your head for the night in their historic hotel. From the sounds of it, the place is haunted, but I really didn’t pick up on that vibe from the locals. At one time, it had four different stories. The top two levels, during its earlier years, boasted brothels from time to time. When segregation was in effect, blacks and Chinese had to stay on the top levels as well. 

 Nice comfortable room where you can meet and greet your fellow neighbors, then later crash and nap on the couch.

Board games and a place to journal about your travels, and the girls you’ve met.

Is that bacon I smell?

I so want this. This is just awesome. Double Orange Soda. And man, flapper girls were hot!

Plan tomorrows adventures.


I love old hallways. Just imagining who had wondered these halls a hundred years ago, how many drunks had tripped into their rooms, and the tips all the working girls made, all while the bar bustled below. 

 “Stella Maris.”

This is the window where I had caught a floozy staring me down. She had this come hither look, it so knocked me off guard. The third level caught fire some time ago, so I’m pretty sure she moved to the second floor. 

 One of the guest rooms. The decor is pretty awesome. I’m pretty sure she, the floozy, would have led me here. Just saying.

I would like to thank the kind folks at the WildWood for the great service, awesome food, and wonderful tour. I’ll be booking a room sometime soon. If you’d like the original photos without the watermarks, just email me and I’d be more than happy to get them to you. Thanks again.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #318

Here is number 318… 

Where I bathe, like a smelly hippy.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #316-317

What a kick in the pants. WordPress is running like Polythene Pam this evening, a tad bit off.  

Here is number 316… 

Pigeons viewpoint. Afternoon. Downtown. Salem, Oregon. Traffic. Coffee. Controlled chaos. 


Here is number 317…

Little Suzy, not so little anymore. If I had packed along some apples, we would’ve had an instant bond. The small block house off to the left, that’s where my dad was staying. 

Boredom With Untrained Monkeys

It’s late summer. I love it, it’s like we’re right at that pre-autumn intersection. This is a great time for late evening strolls around downtown Salem. Enjoy the last of the warm evenings, because October is shaking its leaves right around the corner. While out the other night, I took a stroll by the capitol, which I’ve never done before. As a rule of thumb, I always take my camera. You know, just in case. Anything could happen. Like coming across a freak, or simply growing curious and goofing around, wondering how the capitol building might appear in all of its luster and fame at dusk, with my cameras ISO blaring at full volume. 

ISO is your cameras sensitivity to light. Higher the ISO, the more grain in your pics. Low ISO, like the normal 100, you get a prettier and crispier pic. 

This was taken just before night night time. 

The ISO was set at 25600 while a pair of chipmunks juggled pecans on top of my head. It’s very true. My shutter speed was set at 100. Aperture at 6.3. It’s very grainy, which is expected. Honestly, I kind of like it. A photo in its true form. Raw, and unedited. I even took a bath after this shot was taken.


Now here is the same scene, without high ISO. It’s set at the standard 100. This was taken with my tripod, which is currently handicapped. I’ve misplaced the mounting plate (I believe it’s in my dads car), so I had to balance the camera on top of the tripod, all while juggling a pair of squirrels in my other hand. It’s a pretty basic shot, untrained monkeys could do this. Again at dusk, but this time I left the shutter open for thirty seconds.  

It’s alright. Again, this is the raw and unedited (except for slight cropping) version.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #315

Warm evening downtown. With fall closing in, I’m enjoying the last of our summer days. Less than ten days away. Even though this is my favorite time of the year, I’m going to miss the long evenings. Fall travels too fast. It’s like the shortest season in history for me. I’m just going to focus on road trips with dad, and weekend randomness with Mel.

Late summer and early fall, it’s also one of the best times for portraits. Take for instance these two love birds. They made Photo 315. Ashley and Earl’s engagement photos. Check out their gallery HERE. If it loads painfully slow…well, I’m going to apologize ahead of time. If they don’t look super sharp, it’s due to a smaller file size with the added watermark. The original file sizes, they are amazing. So, just excuse any blurriness or pixilation.  

Here is number 315…

And remember to check their gallery here… A&E’s Engagement Photos.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #314

It may be late…but it’s still up! 

Here is number 314…

And it’s engagement season with Earl and Ashley. Two love birds. A couple that made my job a real breeze. Melissa and I chased them around, while they kept flying with a certain kind of grace supported by two open hearts insane for one another. That’s how the whole day was spent. Nothing but bliss throughout the entire day, right down to the barbecue chicken pizza later this evening. 


I really enjoyed today. I’m extremely grateful for those around me.  

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #312-313 RAW Headaches and Ziggy.

RAW headache tonight. I missed dinner this evening with the fam. Took a nap right after work which turned into a three hour deep sleep. I slept through my alarm clock, and the alarm on my iPhone. If you can sleep through an iPhone alarm at full volume, then you need the sleep. Anyways, I woke with a headache, and I’m not feeling very motivated. 

 I’m making coffee, using a Santa Cruz blend. Rachel sent me some bags, and since fall is coming around, I’ll be making more coffee. I usually go out, but I’m trying to watch my money this evening, which is really rare. I did have Dutch earlier, and that’ll be the cup I’ll reuse.  

Then you’ve gotta be quiet when it comes to grinding beans late in the evening. It’s about having respect for thy neighbor, which in my case is right below me. But I really don’t care this evening. I can hear them banging cupboards. 

Rinse it clean.


Melitta drip. This is a great invention. It’s also a great gift. A client surprised me with this one last spring. 

My headache is growing, but I’m in need for some speed. I’m sure the coffee won’t do much this late evening, but when you’re an addict… 

 I’ve got a photo shoot tomorrow, so I’ll be cleaning my camera tonight. That also includes my sensor. I noticed a tiny spot on several photos from the last batch, which indicates an oil spot or dirt spot on my sensor. I use Visible Dust sensor swabs. They’re easy and fast. I have two sizes, one for my smaller sensor (1.6), and one for my full frame sensor (1.0). 

That’s a typical pre-fall Friday evening at my place with The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Don’t get too excited. 

I’m also looking forward to the end of my “365 Days Of Great Pics.” I’m getting closer. It’s getting a little old, and I’d honestly like to try something else out. I’m not sure what though. My mind goes on overtime late in the evenings, so I’m always trying to come up with new ideas or something catchy. Something fresh. 

Here is yesterdays pic, and todays pic. They are not much, but they meant something to me when I took them. I’m not diving into details, just letting you know that they meant something at the time. Usually, they would’ve been deleted by now.

Here is number 312… 


Here is number 313…