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Posts from the ‘Spring Photos 2014’ Category

Revolving Journey

©Revolving Journey

Revolving Journey. That’s the title. I really like this one. It’s something I’ve been wanting to shoot for a long while. Around nine this evening I hesitated, sat my camera down, and brought this image to life.

Throwing Line



Last of the ambience.




DF1Distinguished unaffiliated independent freelancer hard at work. 

DF2What’s in the bag of an unaffiliated independent contractor? The results may or may not stun you…

DF3Going for the wide. 

DF4Which tabloid this week?

Galloway Gallows


Galloway Gallows

Kingfishers Throne

©KingFishers Perch

It’s a jungle out there. While searching for steelhead along a select stream, I came across this kingfishers perch. Its throne. The only thing I didn’t have on me was my coffee, therefore I was automatically disqualified for being king.

Won’t Stop


Taken while lying on my side, hat on upside-down, lens falling backwards, f-stop not stopping, mosquitoes in a fury, cougars and bears somewhere close but not really all that near, hands callused, a dead battery, lightning striking, brain cramping, coffee spilling, and being chased by a duck. 

But I got the shot, because I never quit. 

Opaque Distance

©Opaque Distance

It’s an illusion of sorts. Chances are I could hop across, although it appears broad. At its deepest, it’s less than a foot. That’s no pool or side eddy either, it’s nothing more than shallow simplistic current skating by. It’s lively though, and rather inviting.


©AllYellow 5.18.2014

Immersed pigments on a damp canvas. “And it was called yellow.” Not stealing from Coldplay or anything.

Pariah Paths

©RabbidPaths 5.10.2014

Pathway through the alligator infested swamplands of Corvallis. Festering with rabid snakes and intolerant redwing blackbirds. Malaria mosquitoes collaborate where joggers dare. I survived, hence this valorous caption.