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Pariah Paths

©RabbidPaths 5.10.2014

Pathway through the alligator infested swamplands of Corvallis. Festering with rabid snakes and intolerant redwing blackbirds. Malaria mosquitoes collaborate where joggers dare. I survived, hence this valorous caption.   


Getting Out

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365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 137-139

Here is Day Number 137…

Adjusted137Conversed with a couple of Catholic women earlier. They honestly believe in this stuff.

 Here is Day Number 138…

Adjusted138New reading material. Barnes and Noble was an excellent choice today.

 Here is Day Number 139…

Adjusted139New Christmas shot glasses. Espresso non-depresso.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 130-132 Results May Vary

Here is Day 130…

©365DFP-130Testing the black waters with a new blend of espresso. Reaction with results may vary.

 Here is Day 131…

©365DFP-131Testing the strength of his new piece of equipment.

 Here is Day 132… 

©365DFP-132Just found this hanging in an old homestead. Finders keepers.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 124-126 Three Simple Images, Three Different Undertones

Here Is Day Number 124… 

Adjusted124The dog that eats flowers.

 Here Is Day Number 125…

Adjusted125The cat that’s easily annoyed. 

 Here Is Day Number 126…

Adjusted126And the new $100 bill. This bill is a trip. I’ve already heard several conspiracy theories about this new bill. Very interesting. Lots of them are tied in to the “9/11 inside job” crowd. We will do anything when it comes to creating meaningful patterns, it’s how our brains are simply wired. Some will take those same meanings, and they’ll project them into a jumbled mess of conspiracies, weaving them throughout a simple yet sophisticated piece of paper. 

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365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 100 and 101…

Here is Day Number 100…

Adjusted100Going flash crazy. Selfie mug, in celebration of my 100th day of flash photography, even though it’s a day late. This photo reveals what happens when playing with too much flash, and while reflecting back on 100 days of reflective (flash) photography. I wanted to add something more, like a weird symbol or two from a weathered Blue Oyster Cult album. However, I was too lazy. Instead I was left with, “I’m beginning to see the light” by the Velvet Underground.


Here is Day Number 101… 

Adjusted101Colors are amazing right now. I love it.

Jubilee Java

August was National Coffee Month. August. I had no idea. From August to Anguish. How I hope thy Java gods forgive me.  


However, the ultimate caffeinated cup of christening falls on September 29. National Coffee Day. 

 May Jubilee Java find mercy upon my redeemed, roasted, forever spirited sipping soul.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 79… No Rules Miller

No Rules Miller. Allie Miller Style, making Day Number 79…


My sister and I share a morbid sense of humor. One of our main subjects, and he always surfaces, is Bundy. Not long ago, we were talking about meeting girls. I mentioned something along the lines of needing a VW bug for the first date. My sister added, without missing a beat, “You can borrow my crutches.” 


This photo is for my sister, who collects rare fossils.

Friday the 13th: Spirits, Among Us


A lady on Coast to Coast AM, “Sage does not get rid of ghosts. All it takes is one incidence for a skeptic to change their mind. Remote viewing has helped me, these places are loaded with spirits and beings and creatures.” So, if you see strange lights, or foggy rooms, weird shadows, hear noises that sound like voices…there’s a good chance it’s a spirit being or entity from another world. Hand over your skeptic card, and accept your pre-qualified Spiritual Companion card, because entities are everywhere you want to be.